Continuous transformation to achieve greater agility

Accenture Agile Transformation Services helps companies achieve greater agility to accelerate business change. We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to continuously transform ways of working across the enterprise.

Our seamless, end-to-end approach helps organzations provide high-quality software delivery and improve responsiveness to business and customer demands.

We have been in the business of co-creating solutions using agile development with our clients for more than 15 years. With the 2017 acquisition of SolutionsIQ, a leading provider of Agile transformation services for business and technology, we now have one of the most talented and experienced teams for agile coaching and delivery in the industry.

Our capabilities

Accenture helps create a culture of innovation and brings Development and Operations together, fully harnessing the power of modern engineering techniques supported by coaching, advisory and training.

Development and implementation

We transition traditional delivery to Agile and DevOps for iterative and rapid releases, while driving business-IT alignment.

Coaching and advisory

We teach, mentor and guide leaders and teams across the enterprise in the adoption of Agile principles and practices.

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The state of business agility today

For the third straight year, the annual Business Agility Report reveals where organizations are in their journey to becoming more Agile businesses. The 2020 Business Agility Report examines data from 359 organizations, spanning 28 industries and 53 countries and highlights three key predictive indicators of business agility:

  1. Relentless focus on improvement across the organization
  2. Adaptable funding models to enable a strategy pivot in real time
  3. Organization around value streams to reveal obstacles and opportunities to get to customer value sooner

What is of particular interest is that this year’s survey responses were collected in the time period preceding and through the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, giving us a unique view into the impact of a global disruption while it was happening.

Agile Amped podcast

The Agile Amped podcast is the shared voice of the Agile community, driven by compelling stories, passionate people, and innovative ideas. Together, we are advancing the impact of business agility.

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The rise of business agility


DevOps for the Modern Enterprise author Mirco Hering


Q&A with the Phoenix Project author Gene Kim

What we think

Leading agile transformation differs from leading an agile business. Here are 5 learning journeys agile leaders must understand & in some cases, take.

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) with specific adaptations can simplify the implementation of enterprise solutions, such as SAP or Oracle. 

Learn how to understand true supply and demand, develop a matching & governance capability, and bring Agile into funding & budgeting.

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