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The changing dynamics in the video industry and explosion of data results in continuously evolving customer expectations.

Unleashing the value of platforms

With a range of devices and a deluge of innovative offerings from new players, media companies are in fierce competition for consumers’ limited attention. The platform business offers a growth opportunity but needs decisive actions in 3 vital areas.


Becoming an intelligent enterprise by shifting value to creators based on customer engagement to extend customer lifetime value.

Establishing direct customer channels with end customers, as traditional wholesalers are now positioned to become retailers through platforms.

Expanding monetization beyond subscription by taking into account the long-tail digital opportunities as a prime lever for unleashing trapped value.

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Accenture Video Solution (AVS)

AVS is a digital video software solution that is being used by tier 1 telcos, cable MSOs and broadcasters to modernize their digital video platform architecture to drive business profitability through increased innovation velocity and operational efficiency while at the same time providing a range of capabilities and extensive feature set to drive audience scale and business growth.

It is a web-scale micro-service-based, multi-tenant cloud convergent IPTV/OTTV platform that supports end-to-end core digital video business processes such as content, service, commerce, and user experience management to create data-driven hyper-personalized audience-centric experiences. Based on its diverse set of micro-services and architectural approach, it enables new and innovative operating models that provide a stage to launch adjacent digital services into the home to drive customer retention and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

Communications and Media

AVS – The Next Generation B2B2C Video Platform

The modular AVS platform is a backbone for innovative managed and unmanaged network and video services supporting core business functions - manage content, engage users, monetize services, monitor quality and measure performance.


Key components of AVS

Content management system

Simplifies and scales the content supply chain for digital content metadata and rights management while orchestrating transcoding and packaging for delivery to origin servers. The rich and extensible data model enables an immersive content experience.

Video back-office

Allows feature-rich services consisting of video on demand, linear TV and network DVR services across IPTV and OTT-TV networks and devices. It provides management of service and subscription, commerce, devices and implementation of new use cases at speed. 

User experience management

Off-the-shelf editorial features to rapidly curate and personalize omnichannel experiences for different audience segments, time windows and geographies across multiple devices while improving speed to market and reducing developer headcount.

Analytics and insights

Collects data centrally from all parts of the business and end-user devices to generate insights for a data-driven operating model where the digital video services, end-user experiences and content catalogs are continuously tuned and optimized.

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Case studies

Hotstar leverages Accenture Video Solution to build a scalable and resilient video streaming platform.

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