Become a Consumer Media Company by offering valuable bundles around legacy broadcasting, programming and packaging, product management, digital marketing, content catalog grooming and commissioning and advertising monetization (both linear and digital).

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While revenues are mostly derived from B2C subscriptions and transaction fees, the B2B side of the business provides advertising revenues, limited affiliate carriage fees and data results significant to monitoring companies.

The right technology landscape is critical

Careful investment strategies for content (production, rights, etc.) and customer acquisition (digital marketing, campaigns) must be supported by the right technologies to remain competitive. The technology landscape for Consumer Media Companies includes SVOD platforms and a robust enterprise architecture to expand with growth.

Data becomes central

Data becomes a central character in this value play, providing insights to inform product improvements, integrated customer buying journeys, content investments, machine learning, marketing and operational effectiveness.

While these media companies will be judged by their ability to onboard audiences, on the digital side, growth signals include subscriber engagement and, ultimately, customer lifetime value.

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