Becoming a multi-sided media platform allows partners to provide a monetized service built around consumers’ buying behaviors and preferred experiences. The path to fully digital is a strategic commitment combining complementary and edge services into a singular platform. The exponential value gained offsets the cost as more consumers subscribe and the company provides a differentiated product.

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In this more complex universe of ecosystem partners, content creators and distributors, the user experience is integrated across devices and marketplaces. Lifestyle Media Platforms provide consumers with the ability to dig deeper into a singular digital source providing multiple services such as ecommerce or other subscriptions.

A powerful, technical architecture

Content investments will become increasingly important; media is used to attract audiences and data is used to attract more partners. Lifestyle Media Platforms must also invest in digital marketing, targeted advertising, SVOD products, and an agile, yet powerful, technical architecture.

As with Consumer Media Companies, revenues center on B2C subscriptions in addition to “non-media” related transaction fees. B2B affiliate carriage fees and data monetization are also revenue drivers, but advertising becomes a greater percentage of income from platform network effects and partner amplification.

The ultimate platform for tomorrow's media company

Digital media platforms, supported by a vast network of content creators, distributors and partners, are better able to quickly respond to market shifts, deliver varied pricing packages for various basic and premium services, make decisions in real time based on usage data and analytics, and tap into publisher and developer networks.

Employing automation, machine learning and AI, Lifestyle Media Platforms can more swiftly assess and action improvements in consumer buying journeys, product features, content targeting and capital investment strategies.

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