In brief

In brief

  • Fjord Trends 2021 address the stressors on the Communications & Media industries and shine light on the opportunities for innovation and positioning.
  • Mapping out new territory is our meta-trend for 2021. As we look to the future, a wealth of potential worlds open up in front of us.
  • 5G has been promised as the key enabler for these much-anticipated next generation opportunities that rely heavily on data.
  • With the help of Fjord, we have identified the three key trends for the Communications & Media industries.

Mapping out new territory is our meta-trend for 2021

As we look to the future, potential worlds open in front of us, daring Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Media companies to become something more. Some opportunities are scary, some are exciting, all of them are largely unexplored.

If 2020 was the year Communications Service Providers (CSPs) proved themselves as the world’s central nervous system, 2021 is the year CSPs extend themselves to become something more. Meanwhile Media companies proved themselves invaluable as we struggled to fill the time at home with meaning, entertainment and productivity.

This year’s Fjord Trends address the stressors on the Communications and Media Industries while shining a light on the opportunities for innovation and positioning as the world experiences an unprecedented renaissance in interaction, design and entertainment.

With this Fjord Trends 2021 briefing we focus on the three most pertinent trends for our industries and your employees and customers over the next 12 months and beyond: Sweet Teams are made of this, Interaction Wanderlust, and Liquid Infrastructure.

Sweet teams are made of this

The pandemic turned working from home has become living in your office, with family and childcare at the core of it. Bandwidth needs to be balanced across use cases, as does what runs through it. "Workplace" is not dead; it has become a mindset supported by technology that keeps us connected but confines our interactions.

For all service providers and the employers who reply upon them, there are opportunities to innovate. It’s time to decouple your notion of ‘an office’ from a physical space – instead, design for the best use of dispersed teams with the right digital technology and reshape your employees’ experience for a post-pandemic world.

Interaction wanderlust

The interactions between design, content and audience is changing rapidly as the screen became both our window on the world and our stage. As the communications and media industries continue to converge, further enabled by 5G’s opportunities for data handling + bandwidth, it sets a new innovation stage.

To differentiate, brands need to break free from the templates, taking inspiration from immersive entertainment. There are opportunities to do something meaningful with all the new data generated with the help of applied intelligence and 5G. Let’s bring joy and serendipity from the real world to the screen.

Liquid infrastructure

How and where we get things changed - forcing businesses to reshape how they manufacture, ship, store and deliver with strong partnerships. Liquid expectations now extend the immersive shopping experience to include delivery and unboxing experience. Closeness to the customer is key – brands needs to rethink the trade-offs between experience and cost and design around the last six feet of the experience, only attainable by creating an environment that leverages consumers’ trust in CSPs.

Brands need to rethink the position of their supply chain and expand the idea of what their assets are, including where they are housed – by migrating to cloud. On the front end, personalization at the point of delivery will become a differentiation opportunity, with 5G as a driver. Meanwhile at the back end, the value of supply chain will go beyond efficiency, measuring on growth, flexibility and agility. Now is the time to redesign your infrastructure to deliver delight from the first moment to the last.

About the Authors

Alfonso G. Imbroda

Managing Director – Interactive, Communications & Media Industry Lead

Mark Curtis

Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership – Accenture Interactive

Martha Cotton

Global Co-Lead – Fjord, Part of Accenture Interactive

Francesco Venturini

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, Global


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