The pandemic has changed the way people live and work, how businesses operate, and governments run. While the chaos will continue to disrupt industries in different ways, it also presents an opportunity to achieve previously unimaginable change. Companies that take bold actions now will not just recover but also reinvent their business to thrive in the future.

Outmaneuvering uncertainty to reinvent your business

Despite the chaos, the pandemic has offered Indian businesses an opportunity—and a need—to invest in building the competences they wish they had before the crisis. As the country’s socioeconomic situation evolves, Indian companies’ strongest defence and offence will hinge on their ability to outmaneuver uncertainty.

To lead this change, companies need to be more digital, data-driven and in the cloud; build operational resilience and have more variable cost structures; and create stronger capabilities in ecommerce and cyber security. Companies that can reinvent themselves, and do so in ways that further their purpose, will ultimately emerge stronger.

The sixth edition of the Accenture Business Journal for India discusses the inflection points that can make or break businesses and offers actionable insights business leaders can use to drive positive change and thrive.

Read the articles to know how we can work together to harness change and make it the most dynamic, powerful source of progress for your company.

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Re-architect your business to outpace change

Businesses must be relevant, resilient, and reinvent themselves to outmaneuver uncertainty

By Piyush N Singh
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Adapting to new consumer realities at the speed of now

Near-term consumer behaviors and long-term considerations in Consumer Goods & Services

By Anurag Gupta and Anshul Batra
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Where smart banking meets AI

How banks can boost productivity and elevate customer experience through AI to accelerate growth

By Pranav Arora
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A digital booster dose for healthcare

Reimagining India’s pharma commercial workforce model in the never normal

By Rishabh Bindlish, Amit Mishra and Tushar Bakshi
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From crisis to conquest in utilities

Helping companies in the utilities sector outmaneuver uncertainty by becoming digital enterprises

By Anurag Johri and Amit Khurma
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High-touch customer experience for a no-touch world

How Indian CGS companies can keep pace with changing consumer trends and thrive

By Satyadeep Chatterjee and
Anshul Batra
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A stairway to hyper agility

Global business services are your best defense and offence to outpace change, now and in the future

By Tarun Satiya, Amneet Singh and Chacko Lakshminarasimhan

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Resetting cost baseline to fuel growth

A zero-based mindset for businesses to fuel growth and outmaneuver uncertainty

By Manish Chandra and Jugnu Sakhuja
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