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How Goodyear boosts resilience in manufacturing operations

The Industrialist: An interview with Chris Helsel, Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


February 27, 2024

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For this edition, Accenture´s Managing Director, US Midwest Lead – Industry X, Prasad Satyavolu, talked to Goodyear’s Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer, Chris Helsel, about the disruptive shifts in mobility and how suppliers are responding to this challenge. Chris also shares how Goodyear boosts resilience in their operations and tackles ubiquitous manufacturing challenges with automation and digital technologies, including generative AI.

Technology including generative AI is like a suit that augments your people, making them a little more superhuman.

Chris Helsel / SVP, Global Operations and CTO, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Trends, innovations, and insights you need to know about


From the latest trends and tools to ground-breaking technologies and innovations impacting the manufacturing and industrial arena, Innovate is designed to keep you up to date. This month, read about the step taken towards greener energy solutions by utilizing low-emission steel for wind turbines, a partnership enabling simplified gen AI integration for industry innovation and efficiency, intelligent tires enhancing road safety, an innovative AI model predicting safety risks on job sites, … and more.

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Our take

Insights and advice on how to reimagine your business and operations by capitalizing on new technologies:

  • Resiliency in the making: When the unexpected happens, how will your organization adapt? Learn how the most resilient businesses recover faster by bolstering resiliency in engineering, supply chain, production and operations.

  • Work, workforce, workers. Reinvented in the age of generative AI: The key behind successful gen AI adoption is putting people at the core of reinvention strategies. Learn how businesses can reinvent the workplace, reimagine the workforce and empower workers to create true transformation.

  • Accelerated Trends in the Automotive Supplier Market: The “vortex of change” for automotive suppliers has only accelerated. Read our latest blog to discover the mission-critical steps for suppliers to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

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