Reimagine Banking Operations

New technologies and ways of working help banks transform their operations, offering human-like digital experiences while improving cost & compliance.

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The plan for the next few years.
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A new dawn for banking operations

Despite years of digital investment, many banks’ operating models are still complex, inflexible and as costly as ever.

However, the emergence of cloud-based artificial intelligence / machine learning engines that are beginning to surpass human capabilities is enabling a new era for banking operations. When combined with classic Six Sigma rigor and data-driven design thinking, and capitalizing on strategic managed-services relationships, these engines can help banks achieve compressed transformation. This will enable them to deliver more personalized and relevant customer and employee experiences while dramatically improving cost and compliance. Changes of this magnitude often disconnect revenue growth from expense, increasing margins and expanding the art of the possible in banking. 

The impact of change

We help banks transform their banking operations from reactive to proactive by moving to digitally-enabled operations:

Banking operations fit for the future

Our Reimagine Banking Operations helps banks move past the challenges and realize the full value of digital banking. It’s how they can flex fast to respond to volatility and lay the foundation for a more sustainable, resilient business. We use SynOps, a unique human + machine platform, to combine intelligent technologies, data, analytics, talent and cloud with proprietary tools and assets to transform operations. Reimagine Banking Operations is how banks can stay a step ahead of change and deliver sustainable growth.

Services that power change

We leverage an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts to transform the following processes:

Credit Services

Increase accuracy, speed to approval and customer satisfaction, while reducing credit and operating costs and minimizing risk.

Payments Services

Improve convenience, accuracy, safety and speed without increasing costs.

Core Banking

Support growth and control costs by transforming operations without changing legacy systems.

Compliance as a Service

Maximize day-one readiness, decrease average handling time and reduce rework. Read more.

Wealth Management Services

Improve the speed and convenience of personalized experiences and offerings.

Treasury Services

Improve cash utilization, make better cash-related decisions, and optimize liquidity.

Intelligent Finance Operations

Safeguard financial health by transforming principal accounting processes to optimize business performance and make better decisions. Read more.

Next Gen Customer Operations

Deliver hyper-relevant contact center experiences to customers, anytime and anywhere.

Sourcing and Procurement

Enable top-line growth by getting the basics right: deliver sustainable savings, reduce risk and support business growth. Read more.

Talent and HR

Maximize workforce performance while transforming HR to deliver new levels of business value. Read more.


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Recognizing the power of change

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