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High-impact healthcare consulting

Enabling healthcare enterprises to adopt an agile mindset to deliver future-ready care at the speed of life.

Digital Health

Implementing innovative digital health strategies to fundamentally change the consumer experience.

Operational transformation

Preparing your health organization for waves of disruption, today and into tomorrow.

Health experience

Reimagine and elevate the health experience.

What we think

Accenture and AHIP: Leading the future of care

From ensuring value and improving outcomes for beneficiaries to policy and regulatory changes, you'll hear the latest updates for today.

Accenture Digital Health Tech Vision 2019

Our Digital Health Tech Vision highlights five trends to show how technology supports healthcare, when and where people want it.

Accenture and AHIP: Leading the future of care

Accenture’s research reveals there are five key elements to achieving intelligent payer operations. Learn more at the AHIP-Accenture...

Moving a health plan’s HR functions to the cloud

Leading U.S. health plan decided to migrate its Human Capital Management capabilities to an Oracle Cloud HCM solution.

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