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Your organization has a vision—design and develop a next-generation silicon product. But as you consider your path to success, a series of roadblocks stand in the way; lack of skilled engineering expertise in-house, adoption of the OEM foundry direct business model, new technologies & applications, and increased design costs.

To help you accelerate, innovate, and reduce design costs, Accenture Silicon engineers fill skill gaps that help create new opportunities across people, process, and technology. The silicon experts at Accenture can design, verify, implement and emulate SoCs, interface with foundries for fabrication, and then develop the software that runs on the SoC.

Depending on your needs and the type of project, the Accenture silicon team will work with your engineering team for as long as necessary to ensure successful outcomes. From a small team addition, to team at scale, to a complete turnkey design, Accenture Silicon Design Service is here to deliver the value you deserve.

How we can help

Your goal is to design and deliver new silicon, but you lack the in-house expertise or capacity to tackle the project from start to finish. Accenture Silicon can help. The Accenture Silicon team offers 100’s years of cumulative hands-on experience in silicon architecture, logic design, verification, physical design, emulation, and firmware.

Contact us today to learn how the highly experienced team at Accenture Silicon can assist your teams at every step of the journey—from silicon to software and beyond. We offer:

  • A comprehensive portfolio of design tools and assets
  • Flexible operating and engagement models
  • Immersive industry focus
  • Process node experience down to 5nm
  • Strategic relationships with top semiconductor companies
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In addition to hiring experienced Silicon professionals, Accenture is continually focused on identifying the most talented recent graduates, or those graduating soon to add to our Silicon Practice.

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