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Health consulting


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Humanizing Healthcare


Walking in the patient’s shoes

What’s new in Health?

Digital adoption: Reaction or revolution?

Accenture’s latest research shows the evolution of digital healthcare experiences and technology adoption in healthcare in light of the pandemic.

The human cost of healthcare system complexity

Accenture explores the complexity of healthcare systems and resulting low health literacy that drives people to choose the ER for acute care needs.


Digital health

Implementing innovative digital health strategies to fundamentally change the health experience.

Health experience

Keeping people at the core with insights, technologies and programs.

Operational transformation

Preparing your health organization for waves of disruption, today and into tomorrow.

Healthcare security

Making every part of your healthcare business more cyber resilient.

High-impact healthcare consulting

Enabling healthcare enterprises to adopt an agile mindset to deliver future-ready care at the speed of life.

Intelligent payer

Embedding advanced analytics and intelligence to achieve superior results in any market environment.

Accenture digital health tech vision 2021

A healthy move to the cloud

With Accenture, the NHS migrated 2.1 million employee mailboxes to the cloud as part of a transformational journey to reinvent how healthcare is delivered.

Safe and sound: Human-centered ER triage

A trusted tool for ER clinicians: Ontario’s Electronic Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (eCTAS) solution ensures human-centered emergency triage.

Rapid response to surging demand

Accenture helped a leading telehealth platform scale its virtual care management abilities to satisfy the...

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Senior Managing Director – Consulting Global Health

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