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Technology innovation

The innovation moment

Technology Vision 2024 – Human by design

Technology is becoming more human: intuitive, with human-like intelligence, and easy to integrate across our lives.

Build an innovation foundation



Incubate new concepts and apply the latest technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions.


Making targeted equity investments in emerging technology start-ups.

Liquid Studios

We rapidly prototype and deliver software to help you reach customers and enter new markets.

Quantum Computing

We help clients understand the potential of quantum computing and start experimenting, today.


A new frontier for global businesses.

What we think

A new era of generative AI for everyone

The technology underpinning ChatGPT will transform work and reinvent business.

Enable aerial seeding in difficult-to-access areas

E-seed: Autonomous self-burying bioinspired seed carriers engineered to improve ecological resilience and design and boost sowing success.

Equipping for Breakthrough Innovation

Accenture explains companies need a deliberate strategy for breakthrough innovation to reinvent the enterprise given the pace of technology change.

Case studies

Quenching the thirst for quantum

Insurer prepares for a quantum approach to mitigate risk

Sustainable Air Travel Takes Flight

An innovative marketplace solution to link corporates, cargo players and airlines to producers of SAF with transparency enabled through the blockchain.

Co-creation for smarter manufacturing

Accenture Shenzhen Innovation Hub and Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) automate aircraft inspection with AI and computer vision.

Digital transformation starts with connected workers

Accenture worked with Petrofac to develop one of the energy industry’s first connected worker solutions.

Transforming supply chains when the world needs it

Nippon Express is using IoT and blockchain to take quality control and distribution of pharmaceuticals to new heights.

Reimagining the future of entertainment

Accenture joins forces with The Walt Disney Studios as the first Innovation Partner of StudioLAB.



Our leaders

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director and Lead – Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs

Matthias Ziegler

Lead – Technology Incubation

Tom Lounibos

Lead – Global Ventures

Edy Liongosari

Lead – Growth & Strategy & Chief Research Scientist, Accenture Labs

Mary Hamilton

Lead – Technology Innovation, North America and LATAM

Emmanuel Viale

Lead – Technology Innovation, EMEA

Shubhashis Sengupta, Ph.D.

Lead – Technology Innovation, APAC