Power the next connected industrial revolution through the mesh of 5G, cloud and edge computing. Discover new horizontal and vertical use cases. Expand the horizons of Industrial IOT for digital manufacturing, smart cities, smart buildings and beyond.

Prepare for the fourth industrial revolution

5G and the cloud will fundamentally change the CSP technology and network ecosystem. They will simplify the network’s processes for exponentially greater scale and speed, and transform its opportunities for connectivity enablement.

Meanwhile, the network is becoming an extension of the cloud, and edge becomes the new control point for mission-critical application services. This 5G-edge blend could put CSPs at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The next wave of connected industry evolution requires precise carrier-grade assets and capabilities that only CSPs have built progressively over the years.

Power and scale across use-cases

Playing at the edge is all about standardizing and automating the supply chain of cross-industry use cases, enabling the new wave of Industrial IoT.

With the advent of 5G, CSPs can power intelligent, context-aware industrialization and use case scalability. They will connect new value chains and ecosystems and ultimately develop a platform for new horizontal Quality of Service (QoS)-based and mission-critical services for enterprises.

Build from the foundation

This play relies on CSP network & Tech infrastructure foundations. Bolster these control points and then build an edge-powered platform with software services for use cases.

CSPs can power enhanced connectivity with Cloud, IT, Security and I-IoT foundations. Once scalability is proven, they can assume the role of ecosystem orchestrator and further evolve to create specialized applications.

This model positions CSPs to claim a piece of the 2024-projected $305 billion connectivity services market that includes $153 billion in digital and IT services and $90 billion in connected industry solutions – both of which are specifically CSP solutions.

As an X-Industry Orchestrator, the CSP will be at the core of industries’ products and services portfolios. Its operations will enable the new wave of connected industry.

The X-Industry Orchestrator

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