SAP solutions on cloud

Transform the core and innovate faster with SAP solutions on cloud. Cloud is a catalyst for and source of continuous business innovation at scale.

Harness the power of the cloud

Accenture has what it takes to help reduce costs, gain efficiencies, increase agility, improve security and innovate with SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, analytics, security and IoT capabilities of the leading hyperscalers:

Amazon Web Services

Innovating to deliver new levels of business value through cloud-enabled technologies and architectures. Read more.

Google Cloud Platform

Working together to deliver superior experiences and accelerate digital transformation to the New. Read more.

Microsoft Azure

Combine the best of Accenture, Avanade, Microsoft and SAP to deliver end-to-end solutions that drive new business outcomes. Read more.

Alibaba Cloud

New products and services on Alibaba Cloud for our clients in China.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Meet your private and hybrid cloud needs with WMWare, Hewlett Packard Enterprise or IBM.

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Why we work with hyperscalers

SAP solutions on AWS with Accenture

SAP solutions on GCP with Accenture

SAP solutions on Azure with Accenture

How we work


Our insight-driven, digitally integrated platform that powers your enterprise transformation from business case to roadmap to delivery.


Provides resource provisioning for virtual cloud factories, enables the delivery and governance of the implementation of SAP solutions on cloud.

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Potential business benefits

Reduced cost

  • 30-50% long-term cost reductions
  • 10-15% reduced SAP project costs


  • Multiple vendor options at each layer of the stack
  • Cloud services provisioned as-a-service
  • Automated DevOps and management


  • Security spans across all layers and delivers policy-based, automated enforcement
  • Data is encrypted by default at rest and in transit, addresses GDPR

Advanced capabilities

  • Only hours to provision with right-sized and auto-scaling capacity
  • Standard, non-complex business continuity solution

Speed up innovations

  • Jump-start analytics and IoT
  • Liquid Studio, agile apps, DevOps
  • SAP to DevOps

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Technology Vision for SAP Solutions 2020

Accenture’s 2020 Technology Vision for SAP Solutions sets out the four key trends that will influence doing business in the post-pandemic world.



A powerful shift in capability: Cloud transformation with SAP on Microsoft Azure

Azure has distinctive ability to bring out the best of SAP S/4HANA landscapes with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security, scalability, and elasticity.


Does the infrastructure platform matter when you move SAP® applications to the cloud?

Google has made it especially enticing to run SAP applications & SAP HANA® databases on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Moving SAP to the cloud? Think GCP and keep a few things in mind.

Accenture, leaning on the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group, is already helping SAP customers bring their workloads to Google Cloud.


Powering Innovation with SAP on Microsoft Azure

A growing number of companies whose business relies heavily on SAP® systems are mobilizing to move their SAP workloads to the cloud—specifically, Microsoft Azure.

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