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Uniting technology and sustainability

May 19, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Developing a sustainable technology strategy


Currently, only 49% of CIOs are part of the leadership team setting sustainability goals.


And just 45% are assessed on achieving these goals.


Only 7% of companies have fully integrated their technology strategies with their sustainability strategies.

1. Sustainability by technology

Using technology innovation to drive sustainability.

2. Sustainability in technology

Making technology more sustainable.

3. Sustainability at scale

Collaborating with your ecosystem to trigger progress beyond the company and across the world.

An opportunity

About the Authors

Paul Daugherty

Group Chief Executive – Technology & Chief Technology Officer

Peter Lacy

Global Sustainability Services Lead & Chief Responsibility Officer

Sanjay Podder

Responsable – Innovation technologique, Asie, Inde, Afrique, Moyen-Orient, Chine élargie et Japon et programme Tech4Good

Shalabh Kumar Singh

Thought Leadership Research Senior Principal, Accenture Research​

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