In brief

In brief

  • The global pandemic has shifted working practices and affected HR teams and employees everywhere.
  • In disruptive times, access to online training and education is even more important.
  • Accenture has 20 years of experience offering differentiated learning programs and experiences to clients.
  • Specific courses enable fast and affordable workforce reskilling, helping people to return to their offices safely, fully supported and engaged.

Shifting work practices

HR teams and their people are in the middle of a profound shift in working practices. Where possible, remote working has quickly become the norm as the impact of the pandemic disrupted businesses and public services alike across the world.

Accenture was well equipped to face these challenges, having invested in IT technologies, infrastructure and a collaborative culture that has enabled us to swiftly respond to a COVID-19 world. Our experience helps us to support our people and our clients with the right learning and education to cope with change and transformation. Running effective HR services demands more than the right software and systems. And in times of disruption, access to online training and education is more important than ever. At Accenture, our differentiated learning programs offer the latest insights and education. In this way, HR teams across the world can use our practical solutions to manage their people more holistically and better prepare their organizations to scale and support the return to work.

A trusted guide

Accenture has provided robust online learning capabilities for nearly 20 years. The Accenture Academy has a library of material which can be accessed directly or through our sister platform, the Accenture Future Talent Platform (FTP). The FTP provides customized reskilling in a gamified user experience with social collaboration, available on-demand, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The Future Talent Platform enables the workforce reskilling journey quickly, affordably and at scale. There are tangible benefits, including a:


Increase in learning completions


Cost savings over hiring new workers


Savings per training hour

As at October 1, 2020

More than 2,400 courses are available on the Accenture Academy platform alone and more than 8,000 courses are available via our content partners. Currently, course content is available on topics as diverse as The Elements of Resilience, Competencies of Agile Leaders and Human Attributes Necessary for Collaboration. And our support teams are available to demonstrate the courses and how you can access them to address the needs of learners within your own organization.

Return to workplace

Whatever your industry, Accenture understands your business. We understand that many companies are struggling in the current climate. They are concerned about how to bring their employees back to work and adjust to local guidelines on safe working environments, while at the same time continuing to support remote working, as required. Resources will be needed to support employee safety, health and wellness, resilience and adaptability, and ways of collaborating in new work environments.

Our comprehensive “Return to Workplace” offering supports organizations, their leaders and employees as they consider hybrid working models—remote working, a return to the workplace or a combination of both. Our rapid enablement package, based on an intuitive and collaborative mobile platform, helps prepare your people with an integrated experience that eases the learning journey.

Here is some further detail about the enablement package that can help your workforce in a post-COVID-19 world:

Return to the workplace learning path

A series of 20 courses categorized under three modules: Health and resilience; Leadership during the transition, and Collaboration and communication.

Reimagining work quest

A set of 10 of daily learnings drawing together neuroscience and technology to encourage engagement, interactive reflection, inclusion and connection.

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Accenture already brings you the technology to help you make the best of your HR environment; we can now support that with the right training and education to support your business and your people.

If you are facing challenges in the return to work, this learning series—made available through a number of flexible purchase options—could be what your organization needs.

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