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Cloud is today’s most powerful tool for business transformation. Tune in for no-nonsense views from seasoned experts on how to put it to work for you.


Everyone’s talking cloud, but are they talking sense? Former journalist and current Accenture communications specialist Ellen Bencard digs past the corporate speak to reveal practical basics: what’s changing, who’s succeeding, why, and how.

S2E3: Accenture and Google: Culture captures the castle

Innovating is one of the hardest things for organisations of any size to achieve, but that doesn’t mean that innovation is the exclusive purview of a few elite businesses. On this episode, our host is joined by Google Cloud’s Finn Toner and Accenture UK’s Akosua Kudom to discuss how the right partnerships and cloud technology can help organisations of all sizes to innovate better.

Accenture + Google

Intelligent innovation starts here.

S2E2: Accenture and AWS: The rise of the cloud economist

Potential cost savings are a major draw for cloud transformation. But the cloud’s financial potential doesn’t stop there. On this episode, our host is joined by Kevin Long, Cloud Economist at Amazon Web Services, and Dean Oliver, Accenture’s Cloud First UK FinOps Lead, to explore all of the financial use cases of moving to the cloud—and how the right partnerships can help unleash the cloud’s full potential.

Accenture + AWS

The Accenture AWS Business Group Advantage.

S2E1: Accenture, Microsoft and SSE: A greener future

What happens when the world’s largest software company, a multinational energy company and Accenture get together to tackle decarbonisation? They try to save the world. Microsoft’s Matt Higham and SSE’s John Downes explain why their organisations see partnerships as essential to achieving the most audacious goals of their businesses.

Accenture + Microsoft

The largest global Microsoft practice.

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