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Skills to Succeed Academy

Tackling youth unemployment in the United Kingdom through online learning.


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Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Academy is a free, highly interactive, online training programme which helps disadvantaged young people, aged 15 - 24, build skills and confidence to make career choices and develop the key employability skills they need to find and sustain employment.

Launched in 2013, the Skills to Succeed Academy’s goal is to provide access to employability support to as many disadvantaged young job seekers as possible, many of whom have limited access to support.

Motivated to drive a step change in employability-support service for young people. Accenture reviewed the landscape of employment-support offerings in the UK designed for young people. We recognised a need for high-quality, tailored and interactive learning that focusses on helping young people understand how to do things for themselves, while also building their skills and confidence. We saw an opportunity to apply our learning and technology expertise to address this need, and set out to create an innovative online approach to employability-skills learning.

Accenture identified a group of organisations to work together to create and deliver the Academy, including:

The Academy

The Academy offers three courses and 36 interactive online learning modules designed to help young jobseekers develop the key employability skills they need to find and keep a job. The character-based programme engages participants with advanced learning technologies, gaming techniques, role-based simulations, telestrations, videos, quizzes and interactive exercises with advice from employers, job advisors and other young people who have been successful.

Participants are actively involved in decision-based learning. With each decision, they receive instant feedback—both from the realistic characters with whom they interact in the training and an online coach.

Our partners

Young jobseekers are invited to access the Skills to Succeed Academy through employment support programmes run by Accenture’s national delivery partners. Our partners, which include The Department for Work and Pensions, National Careers Service, Careers Wales, Skills Development Scotland, East London Business Alliance (ELBA), Ingeus, Reed in Partnership and CIPD, support the hardest to reach 15-24 year olds in accessing and realising the full benefits of the training.

The Academy aims to build capacity for support workers across the welfare to work sector. This is particularly important at a time where the need for their services is quickly increasing in tandem with pressure on resources.

The results

Since its launch, the Academy has helped more than 40,000 young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) or at risk of becoming NEETs, to build critical employability skills. Further results show:

  • More than 77 percent of the young people who participate in the training feedback that they felt more confident.
  • More than 73 percent felt their skills had improved as a result of the training.

To find out more download the report.