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Episode 1: Get your head in the Cloud

How is cloud technology driving impactful change in business and society? In the first episode of our Inside Innovation series, Jess, Kay and Ruta explore the advantages they’ve seen first-hand that cloud computing can bring to organisations and consumers. Whether it’s space-saving, lowering carbon footprint or scaling up the latest innovations, the cloud is just getting started.

Episode 2: The human side of AI

AI is all around us. It may not always be obvious, but this powerhouse technology is part of daily life and is becoming increasingly human-focussed. Tune in as Chris, Francesca and Mahnoor discuss our interactions with AI as customers and consumers – from chatbots to voice recognition – and the importance of inclusive and responsible tools that can positively impact society.

Episode 3: Cybersecurity: steps to a safer virtual world

With global cybercrime rapidly on the rise and attacks becoming ever more sophisticated, the world of cybersecurity is on high alert. In this episode Ebun, Rob and Jane examine the most pressing threats, as well as discussing the importance of diversity in the security industry and the human skills needed to continue safeguarding our virtual environments.

Episode 4: IoT: a digitally connected future

Our devices are smarter and more digitally enabled than ever. From our toothbrushes to medical sensors, the Internet of Things is making a real difference to the world and how we experience it every day. Join Steven, Lizzie and Prasoon as they share exciting applications of IoT, and the opportunities and decisions we face in this new landscape.

Episode 5: Innovating for a wilder, nature positive, future

There's a lot of talk around restoring nature, but what could a wilder world actually look like? In this bonus episode, Lotte Beekenkamp is joined by Lisa Neuberger-Fernandez, managing director at Accenture, and Frans Schepers, co-founder and managing director of Rewilding Europe, to explore the importance of biodiversity and how the power of human ingenuity and technology can be applied - through innovative initiatives like ‘Reimagine, Rewild’- to help tackle some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges.

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