May 12, 2022
Learning the ropes

I joined the Technology Analyst Group (TAG) as a graduate last May, so I’m still learning the ropes at the moment, but my first year has been really good and there’s been so much support right from the start. I got on to the grad programme via an initiative called Tech Visionaries which is very different to your usual graduate entry process. It’s a four-day assessment centre where we were tasked as a part of a small team to design a Recruitment App on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to help people with disabilities and impairments. We got mentorship during this process from Accenture Managers and Senior Managers then, at the end of the week, all the teams presented their solutions and the mentors acted as clients. It was an exciting experience that I think went really well and it certainly helped to show my passion for technology. There were interviews as part process where I was asked questions about technology and why I was interested in Accenture. And all of this was done virtually via Microsoft Teams - that was a bit odd but a good experience to help adapt to virtual working during the pandemic.

Ridwan Hussain

The Tech Visionaries experience meant I got an extensive feel for Accenture as, alongside our main objective, we got some fantastic insight on life and work at the company from different leaders across different business groups who spent the time to tell us about what kind of work they were doing, the clients they were working with and the impact of their work. One thing that struck a chord with me was the company’s big highlight on diversity, as that is important to me and now, I’m one of the co-leads within my sub-comm for the inclusion and diversity committee.

When I started last May, I was sent my laptop and gear to help me work from home which was all pretty cool. Then the first three days were orientation and housekeeping followed by two weeks at Technology Analyst School - interactive sessions with facilitators from Accenture teaching us how the Agile project lifecycle worked. Right after the analyst school was another two-week bootcamp where we had to select the technologies that we were interested in working on and, luckily, I was put onto Salesforce, learning the basics through a platform called Trailhead. Some of the leadership team also gave us talks and introductions into the different kinds of Clouds from Salesforce which provided a great inside view. The bootcamp ended on a Friday and by the Monday, with a lot of amazing help from the liaison team, I was on my first Salesforce project working as a Functional Consultant for a large insurance firm.

I’d say I’m fortunate to get introduced to Salesforce this early on in my career because I really enjoy it and right now, I don’t see myself changing to another technology. My hope is to progress from TAG to work within the Salesforce Business Group. To help with that progression I’ve been studying for certifications and upskilling myself so that on my project I know what I’m talking about and can prove to the business group that I am capable of doing the work and, more importantly, have a real interest in it. I’ve managed to get two certifications now and hopefully a lot more to come!

On my first project, I was placed in the finance team trying to implement Vlocity Billing, which is an industry solution that handles all the objects for any sort of payment capability. My typical day involves lots of requirements gathering which sees me communicating with the product owner to understand what’s needed for certain aspects of the development and writing-up user stories with the technical consultant on our team. I get to work with the developers too - ensuring the story is written correctly for them and that everything is understood from both a functional and technical level. Other things I’ve worked on are creating wireframes for the developers to help them build the functionality which makes their job a bit easier and also mapping documents – the integration that we’re doing is with SAP so there’s a lot of fields that need to be mapped from Salesforce to SAP. Now that I’ve experienced Salesforce from a functional perspective, I want to expand my knowledge of the technical side, so on my new project, I am working as a Salesforce Developer and have already felt out my comfort zone. However, I am enjoying the experience as I learn so many new things every day.

I’ve always been interested in technology, but I never wanted to be stuck on one client. At Accenture, I can develop and gain experience working across all kinds of clients, and I think that is what really excites me for the future.

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