July 27, 2021
Building much more than a career
By: Kamini Naik

Right now, I’m focused on recruitment for Tech Strategy & Advisory (TS&A) to help grow our practice and I also have a role in increasing TS&A’s brand awareness and showcasing the new Accenture. The practice came into being last year when Tech Strategy and Tech Advisory came together to form an umbrella practice with 7 capability groups sitting underneath it – for example Enterprise Architecture and Data, Cloud Innovation and Acceleration, Enterprise Agility, and Future Technology. And, we’re now home to different practitioners - from those who conceptualise and develop a blueprint, to those who can then build out the concepts and help implement the solutions.

I think people that do really well here are, what I would call, well-rounded individuals who are passionate about what they stand for (and that’s not always work related!). It’s not just about coming in, doing your job, keeping your head down and then leaving, it’s very much wanting to be a part of our large, growing and active community and what’s exciting is there are so many different avenues that you can just get stuck into. I also think you need a willingness to learn new things and stay on top of emerging trends and technology. Obviously, there’s a need to have a direct interest in technology as well because that’s what we do, solve our clients most complex business problems with technology.

Kamini Naik Hiking

I’m actually a literature graduate and my first graduate scheme was at a construction engineering firm where tasked myself with trying to improve operations and processes and, the quickest way to do that really was through technology. So, I just kind of fell into technology without even knowing it. My manager at the time saw my love of innovation and he influenced me to look at a career in technology, so I applied for a graduate scheme with a tech firm where I got to know learn the basics and from there I really upskilled on the job. My next move was to another consultancy where I got a bit more experience on the strategy and advisory side of things and where my love for technology innovation continued to

grow. It was whilst I was there that I got approached by Accenture and that was at a time when I was feeling a little bit pigeon-hold and felt I was losing what I first loved about the role - the technology – so I took a leap of faith and made the move here two years ago.

One of the first things I noticed about Accenture was the flat hierarchy and I’m so inspired by all the people that I work with, from analysts to MDs. I feel that I can talk with and learn from my analyst peers just as well as I can with my MDs. You spend a lot of time at work and I really wanted to be at an organisation where I could build a sense of community and develop friendships, where I had a voice, where I could travel, and where I was inspired by the people around me. And, since I’ve joined Accenture, I’ve not been disappointed. I have travelled globally, worked with very talented people, enjoyed that sense of community and made friends from day one.

I’ve absolutely found my voice here on a couple of levels. Firstly, in terms of how I’ve navigated my career so far by having the confidence to speak up and stick to my goals, especially around realising my desire for travel - one of my first projects saw me commuting weekly to Rotterdam, after that, with full sponsorship from leadership, I got to go and work on a project in Japan. Then secondly, on a more personal level, for example when I attended a women’s event about female reproductive issues and health conditions that women might be facing which was organised by our Accent on Gender Network. The network had engaged an external charity called ‘Wellbeing of Women’ and that gave

Kamini Naik Japan
me an opportunity to open up about health conditions that I’m living with and to also have open conversations with leadership, rather than just suffer in silence. I’ve even kept in contact with the charity and done the occasional blog post for them and been a guest speaker at some of their events. It’s was literally life-changing for me because I actually know what’s in store for the future and how to live with a condition that I thought I just have to put up with for the rest of my life. Honestly, it’s those kinds of things that are life-changing and that’s no understatement! And, it was Accenture that really bridged that gap and helped me to form that relationship.

I’ve had a really good experience here. For me, being able to prioritise myself as well as my career is important and, Accenture has continually accommodated that need. And I’m grateful for all my new friends as well!

Kamini Naik on Jetty

We’re looking for talented people to join the team and help us solve our clients most complex business problems with technology. If you’re looking for a career that offers more, reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to guide you through our open positions, discuss your background and introduce you to the process.

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