August 16, 2016
Accenture Labs Hack the Gender Pay Gap
By: Mary Hamilton

Accenture Labs hack the gender pay gap with a prototype for the "Gig" economy.

The emergence of online labour markets is disrupting the way enterprises think about their workforces. This trend towards a gig economy—an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements—sees 43% of the UK and US workforce expected to be freelancers by 2020.

The rise of the freelance-or "gig"- economy enhances the ability to match people with work that best suits them. To take advantage of this significant opportunity organisations must change their thinking from static relationships with fixed sets of human resources to leveraging the liquid workforce in order to orchestrate dynamic teams of internal and external labour pools.

At Accenture Labs we recently worked on an exciting prototype designed to extend any online talent sourcing platform with functionality to promote equitable pay and hiring processes. The prototype has been built on top of the Accenture Labs Crowd Talent Sourcing Tool. This tool provides an intelligent, unified interface for sourcing the right internal and external labour markets.

The prototype provides a set of services that work together to promote fairness in four distinct ways.

So how does the tool work?

  1. Gender neutral job posts
    We use a text analysis tool on the job description to quantify the appeal and gender neutrality of the post.

  2. Hiring Process Visibility
    Hiring managers can understand any potential unconscious biases at play during the hiring process by viewing drop off by gender at each hiring stage.

  3. Pay Equity Awareness
    By comparing proposed wages across genders against industry averages, hiring managers and applicants can see and address discrepancies.

  4. Consistent candidate vetting
    Using online skill exercises and metric- based tasks to find skilled, motivated workers, the prototype can help job posters vet all candidates equally.

We were extremely excited to demo this prototype at The White House’s recent Hack the Pay Gap day to promote gender pay parity. The development of this prototype underscores our commitment to gender pay equality and gender equality as a whole and we were really proud to take part in the day.

This project is a great example of our Liquid Workforce tools and methodologies in action! It is part of broader effort by Accenture to develop its liquid workforce capabilities to improve workforce agility by leveraging skills held both inside and outside the company.

So watch this space… in the near future we intend to focus on improving our data sources as well as looking to link up with new partners such as Microsoft, LinkedIn and Textio.

Interested in finding out more about Accenture’s Liquid Workforce vision? Read the full report here or contact the author Mary Hamilton.

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