ID, Empowered by Accenture – virtual event

Our ID, Empowered by Accenture was a virtual event held in March 2021 as a forum to explore what it means to empower every identity. Here, equality experts and other progressive businesses and individuals discussed some of the biggest diversity and inclusion questions and how to take action to promote real change.


View all keynote speeches and discussions from the event.

Keynote speech by historian David Olusoga OBE on the foundations of identity and in particular what it means to be Black British.

Accenture's Global Research Managing Director, Barbara Harvey, talks about the human and business impacts of COVID-19.

Christina Alexander, Pritesh Gadhia, Sam Olsen and Barbara Harvey discuss the impact of COVID-19 on equality in the workplace.

Amanda Leacy, Shani Dhanda, Anita Tiessen and David Olusoga OBE debate the question of Equity vs Equality?

Lee Elliott Major, Ayomide Akin and Ben Ngobi share their thoughts on social mobility, personal development and implementing change.

Keynote speech by actor, presenter and disability rights campaigner Adam Pearson on changing perceptions of identity.

Are you sitting uncomfortably? Paris Lees, Gavin Young and Adam Pearson discuss identity, diversity and prejudice.

Andrew Pearce, Leila McKenzie, Shaheen Sayed and Ayesha Hazarika speak about their personal experiences of culture and identity.

How will we measure change and be accountable? Simon Eaves, Rebecca Tully and Dr Simon Hayward discuss.

Accenture's Market Unit Lead for UKI, Simon Eaves, considers the question 'What does the future look like?' And, Melanie Eusebe gives closing speech.

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