In brief

In brief

  • Trust-related activity is putting pressure on the backbone of many digital businesses.
  • Businesses may be putting trust at risk and miss out on opportunities to drive competitive advantage from personalized, customer relationships.
  • Accenture provides a range of advisory services to help companies across the trust spectrum.
  • Whether you need a product or service strategy, rapid mobilization, a means to break your current cost or to outsource a process, Accenture can help.

How urgently are you earning trust?

Trust is rapidly gaining importance to digital businesses. In the past year, both Microsoft and Google have released statements on trust and the cloud. Companies including Box, CipherCloud and Salesforce have established Chief Trust Officer roles. And, recent research shows that more than three-fourths of executives consider trust in the use of the cloud an important or leading priority.

For each of us, trust is a key component in how much information we share, how often we share, and for what purpose, and it has real impact on the way we perceive and use scaled platforms.

Trust is increasingly based on a composite of needs that underpin how we understand and manage the exchange of our information across many different experiences.


of Americans have chosen to not use or not create an account with an online service because of concerns regarding how personal information will be used.

Beyond data integrity, there are other elements that enter the trust equation for users. Public perception of a company often translates to trust. As companies have encountered issues around inclusion and diversity, accessibility, and sustainability, they have seen reductions in user bases and, ultimately, the value of their companies. “Trusting” a company means more than just data; it means how you treat people within your company and around the world.

For platform companies, establishing trust requires building consumer and advertiser confidence that their best interests will be prioritized. Trust is a personalized relationship that has high economic benefit and carries significant risk if not addressed. Failure to meet expectations may result in a reverse network effect—stimulating users to switch to similar services with an expectation that they can take the data they want with them.


of consumers expect services customized to their preferences. The same percentage will switch services if expectations are not met and, therefore, trust is broken.

Accenture Services for ensuring trust

We help digital companies address the pain points that are hindering their growth. This may include building and maintaining customer trust and confidence, addressing massive data complexity, managing the escalating cost to secure data and comply with regulatory expectations, handling dynamic global policies and controls, and managing incidents with cloud partners and platform issues that create increasing brand risk.

Accenture provides a range of advisory services to help companies across the trust spectrum:

User trust

We provide insight into how platforms are trusted by users worldwide. We can help companies change the trust equation into a positive network effect leading to higher user bases.

Fraud, security and privacy

Our fraud, security and privacy services include strategy and risk, cyber defense, digital identity, application security and managed security services.

Sustainability spectrum

We provide services to assess how companies score across the inclusion and diversity and sustainability spectrums with their own employees, and how accessible their product is to its users.


We help companies achieve their regulatory obligations worldwide by assessing readiness and providing response and scaled operations services such as for GDPR data erasure and other requirement-fulfillment services.

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The experience and assets to power trust

Accenture helps many companies operate trust-related services at scale. Through this experience we have developed a wealth of pre-built assets that accelerate the implementation and scaling of new trust-related capabilities. For example, our scalable Platform-as-a-Service enables customers to enact content quality at many levels or to transform operations through a content quality road map, advanced analytics and engineering capability assets. We bring to bear the breadth of Accenture’s capabilities including our expansive global operations footprint, advanced analytics, automation, centers of excellence, and deep industry and process understanding.

Whether you need a product or service strategy, rapid mobilization, a means to break your current cost to serve trajectory or to outsource components of a process, Accenture can help.

Kevin Collins

Managing Director – Software & Platforms

Mark Egner

Senior Manager – Accenture Security


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