In brief

In brief

  • The 2021 Accenture Health and Life Sciences Experience Survey, with nearly 700 respondents from Finland, reveals how healthcare is changing.
  • Despite the big digitalization leap and pressure on the healthcare system during the pandemic, Finns continue to trust their healthcare providers.
  • Whether the healthcare experience is physical or digital, Finns want their providers to listen, explain the condition and treatment clearly and show empathy.
  • Whilst many people have adapted to the use of digital health technology, 25% of Finns still have not used any digital channels.

Moving from reaction to revolution

The healthcare system used technology to accomplish great feats for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we make these gains last?

While many advances were in reaction to challenges brought forth by the pandemic, there is room to build on these gains to work in revolutionary ways that put people at the center of care.

For most Finns, it nowadays doesn’t make a huge difference whether the encounter with their healthcare provider is digital or physical. The quality of the services and trust in the healthcare system has remained intact during the pandemic and the big digitalization leap. Whatever the channel is - Finns expect empathetic experiences and clear communication from their healthcare providers.

Healthcare providers should present clear information about the benefits of using digital technology, such as faster access to care. This will boost adoption and demonstrate to people how technology can support a more human healthcare experience.

Without people´s trust, digital adoption is unlikely to reach its potential. The unfortunate domino effect is that without digital adoption, emotional support and convenient access are at risk.

Many Finns trust the healthcare providers with their data. To get even more people to give their consent to broader data usage, providers need to be transparent about how information security is taken care of. They also need to explain how this data will be used to develop care and advance medical research.

As it stands, Finns’ opinions on the use of artificial intelligence to support medical work are divided: half of the respondents are positive and half are skeptical. Also, when it comes to artificial intelligence, healthcare providers need to be better at demonstrating how these are used and what are their benefits in order to build more trust in these.

Marko Rauhala

Managing Director – Health and Public Service

Kaveh Safavi

Senior Managing Director – Consulting, Global Health


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