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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

March 22, 2022 3-MINUTE READ


In brief

A bold new horizon


In new funds dedicated to grants and programs in broadband.


In new funds dedicated to grants and programs in Cybersecurity.


In new funds dedicated to grants and programs in Transportation, Transit and Energy.

Accenture is leveraging technology and human ingenuity to help organizations across industries capitalize on this once-in-a-generation opportunity.


Handle volume and complexity.


An extensive network that organizations can draw on to strengthen their response.


Experience and skills to help organizations move quickly and seize opportunities in a competitive labor market.


Navigate the ever-evolving spend and reporting rules and requirements.


Strategize, prioritize, administer and track the performance of funded initiatives.


Design for targeted investment strategies to maximize value and long-term citizen impact.

Meet the team

Ryan Oakes

Global Health & Public Service Industry Practices Chair

Rahul Gupta

Managing Director – Consulting, Cities, Transport and Infrastructure, North America

Peters Suh

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, North America

Dondi Schneider

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities, North America
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