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Discover new destinations with Travel

The travel industry is no stranger to disruption. And in the post-pandemic world, travel companies must continuously reinvent to outwit unforeseen circumstances, while providing cohesive, elevated experiences for customers.

How to reinvent travel

Recovery strategy & sustainable growth

Build a post pandemic growth strategy that creates revenue streams fit for future growth

Workforce Excellence

Cultivate the skills needed to deliver world-class traveler experiences

Segments we support

  • Hospitality companies
    Hospitality companies

    Tap into data-driven insights with industry expertise that drives growth and propels you ahead of the competition.

  • Aviation companies
    Aviation companies

    Discover new operational efficiencies for airlines and airports that streamline the traveler experience.

  • Travel services
    Travel services

    Boost revenue, improve operations, and optimize customer experience through digital transformation.

Our leaders

Emily Weiss

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Travel

Liselotte de Maar

Managing Director – Strategy, Travel, North America

Sofiane Baffoun

Managing Director – Products, EMEA Travel Industry Lead

Mike Tansey

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Travel, Growth Markets


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