Digital technology is catalyzing a revolution in the financial services workforce—offering forward-thinking organizations an opportunity to set free the potential of today’s multigenerational talent pool.

For those that get it right, shaping an adaptive workforce will be their greatest differentiator in a world of constant, accelerating change. They will build an adaptive workforce shaped by data-driven insights—investing in predictive intelligence that lays the foundation for improved decisions and supports a more agile way of working, removing internal silos and scaling across the business.

Realizing that work extends beyond a 9-to-5, brick-and-mortar setting, they will redefine the classification of a worker, source talent in new ways that enhance competitive agility and innovation, and augment human creativity with artificial intelligence. And they will empower their leadership and their current workforce with the mindset and skills to navigate this rapidly evolving environment. Read more in our report: Register to read more in our report.


of FS executives agree that organizations are under extreme competitive pressure to extend innovation into their workforce and corporate structure.

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Nicole Knott

Senior Manager – Talent & Organization for Financial Services

Mallika Lheritier

Manager – Talent & Organization for Financial Services

Helen Lindsay

Global Offering Development Lead – Talent & Organization for Financial Services


How to prepare financial services for the future workforce
For FS, AI + human ingenuity = exponentially more

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