Keeping up experiences

Personalized platforms, powered by smart technologies are helping businesses stay ahead, driving seamless experiences across the customer journey.

Rise of the living business

The days of traditional customer loyalty are over. New technologies have changed the relationship and communications and media companies must constantly adapt their products, services and marketing strategies to stay relevant.

These are what we call Living Businesses – in the face of digital disruption, they are organizations that push hyper-relevance and efficiently move from one growth opportunity to the next.

What is a Living Business

Accenture's video explores how do you make your business relevant and become a Living Business to ensure it stays that way. See more.

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It’s time to implement solutions

Engagement and personalization are now key for survival yet many businesses are struggling to address critical areas in this age of digital customer service. The four requirements of building the service organization of the future are:

Seamless technology ecosystems

Implement tech across multiple vendors through strong technology implementations e.g. blockchain.

Full customer lifecycle visibility

Unleash the power of AI to enable sales and value generation.

Differentiated and consistent customer service

Build a workforce of the future through intelligence, automation and hyper personalization.

Local sensibilities with global standards

Focus on the basics and develop tailored customer interactions through technology and field service optimization.

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Transform to meet customers on their terms

Pioneer marketing

Only 29% of telecom CMOs’ budgets are invested in customer experience.

  • When businesses focus early on to understand customer preferences, they will build greater positive and regular engagement across traditional and digital channels.
  • Brand loyalty grows through hyper-relevant experiences which is informed by data and powered by technology.

Driving growth

73% of customers refer to company websites as a starting point for their customer experience.

  • We help our clients and their customers reach personalized solutions and define, optimize and execute sales and commerce strategies to improve sales effectiveness and drive immediate profitable revenue growth.

Ongoing service

70% of customers prefer messaging over voice, with significant digital engagement increasing over the past 3 years.

  • A connected workforce delivers a high-quality customer & field service experience.
  • A transformed Customer Service capability decreases customer churn, reduces cost to serve and increases service & sales revenue.
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Verizon reimagines the customer experience

Explore how we collaborated on an innovative customer service solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent analytics to help Verizon customers resolve issues quickly and easily.

"By teaming with Accenture and using leading-edge artificial intelligence to assist customers, we have been able to provide them with a fast and easy way to meet their needs," said Nancy Clark, senior vice president of customer service for Verizon.

Discover how our partnership enabled the telecom giant to deliver a highly personalized experience and decrease cost to serve.

Accenture Digital Omni-Channel Platform (DOCP)

A next-generation, multi-speed, data-driven, AI-powered platform that provides a consistent, seamless and personalized experience across all interactions – driven by intelligent conversations and insights.

It has a wide range of uses, from recommending new phone plans when there is overage on a bill, to implementing real-time, Internet of Things (IOT) solutions in manufacturing facilities.

Accenture Digital Omni-Channel Platform (DOCP) is a next-generation, multi-speed, data-driven, AI-powered platform.

Digital customer experiences at scale

For a future-proof and efficient digital front office, an AI-powered customer experience incorporates integrated solutions that build a modern operating model.

Service design and strategy

Consumer insights, service design and creative services capabilities to reimagine customer journeys and design roadmaps to next-gen customer experience.

Living marketing

Full suite of brand and creative strategy services, coupled with media planning, campaign and content management to drive marketing operations efficacy.

Channel interactions and decoupling

Omnichannel CX powering user journeys across web, app, retail and call centers, next gen commerce, decoupled architecture and an API framework.

Omni intelligence and AI customer experience

Intelligent growth optimization powering hyper-targeted actions across customer expansion, channel performance and dynamic pricing.

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