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Capture consumers’ attention and spending with the content they want and the experience they demand.

What’s going on

Media and entertainment companies are looking for innovative ways to provide top-tier services that stand out to their customers. Accenture’s independent study of 150 top global enterprises suggests that media companies must focus on content innovation, advertising models, new services, operations and financial efficiency to stay relevant and competitive.

Consumers want new ways to get and consume content

Content is king in media and entertainment. Encroaching tech players who source and develop content quickly to deliver it via new channels are seeing rising profits from higher consumer engagement. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that companies look beyond ad-based video-on-demand (AVOD) and free ad-supported TV (FAST) for new growth opportunities.

Consumers want more options on fewer platforms

Our Reinvent for Growth global consumer study revealed 86% of consumers would be interested in a single destination that can provide all the services they want on a single platform, and 41% said they’d be willing to pay for it. To meet consumers’ needs for simplicity, customization and a mix of varied content and services, M&E companies must balance a range of strategic and operational concerns.

The return of content aggregation

These shifts in consumer attitudes and preferences point to the need for aggregation: an entertainment platform that meets consumers' needs for simplicity, customization and a mix of varied content and services – with flexible pricing and payments. But what roles will exist in the industry when these platforms emerge? We see three: audience aggregators, audience cultivators, and content merchants.

The advertising landscape has evolved

Companies that utilize personalized and relevant advertising experiences, powered by advanced analytics to measure the impact of their investments, will be successful in this competitive landscape. With the appropriate platform and intelligent tools, businesses can effectively and profitably grow and scale their advertising operations.

What you can do

Invest in digital marketing and analytics to better attract audiences and provide relevant content. Leverage data-driven insights to inform product and service development and to optimize marketing strategies.


of consumers are frustrated by inflexible content viewing options, and 72% find it difficult to search for and find interesting content to watch.

Redefine your customer engagement strategy with cloud-based customer insights and proactively prevent churn. Our AI-driven platform gives you deeper insights into audiences’ preferences, beliefs, behaviors, improved search and personalized content.

Invest in the ability to identify high-quality target audience impressions across platforms, leading to greater monetization of ad inventories through all digital sales channels.


of ad budget is spent on channels execs didn't know existed five years ago.

Develop a strong workforce and retain the best talent while keeping an eye on the future. Leaders that embrace the potential of technologies like generative AI and encourage staff reskilling will create an engaging, competitive work environment.


of all working hours can be impacted by large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4.

Integrate cloud, data, and AI to create secure, flexible platforms and launch new capabilities faster. Historically, siloed tech means lost value. To lead, weave key technologies together.


of executives agree technology plays a critical role in their transformation programs.