Marian V.

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Marian V.


Business Advisory Associate Manager


Czech Republic (English)

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Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra

What I Do

In Accenture, I am doing what I always wanted – worldwide it is known as business process outsourcing. Since I joined the company, I am already working on my fourth project. Therefore the only constant in my work is actually perpetual change. In the few years I have helped to launch projects focused on control and accounting of supplier invoices, cash collection, accounting in the ledger and taking on the operative part of the client’s purchases. My work also involves communication with the client and its suppliers. In addition, I am also in contact with potential new clients and prospects. When a new project comes to our Bratislava center, it means that we have to take on the client’s activities, train new colleagues, stabilize the new project and then keep successful “daily green operations”. I am working with the best team possible. My colleagues come from all over the world – the U.S., Europe, Africa, India) and many of them actually became my friends. And I can say I have a job that is fun to do. All of this I found in at Accenture.

Day in my Life

I come to work between half past seven and nine, depending on how much time I spend with my daughter in the morning. The morning e-mail check is a routine. I also work with colleagues in Bengaluru (India), so some queries and reports are sent only after I leave work. I make morning conference calls with the client three times per week. This is always a one-hour virtual meeting for which I need to prepare. The afternoon involves solving problems and thinking up new ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently. Regular meetings with colleagues in which we share experience and new information are an integral part of my work. As the team manager, I devote the rest of my time to my people, our daily work and the everyday issues and problems it brings, to collecting support documents for meetings with the client and, of course, to further education – for example also taking advantage of our online myLearning portal.

Outside the Office

As probably every husband, I spend my free time with my family. Since I have family I love to spend time with them.

Accenture gives me many possibilities to engage in sports and culture, so during the week I swim, play football with my colleagues or take my two-wheel steed for a ride out on the Bratislava dike. Sometimes, we go to the theatre or catch a thriller in the movies. Sometimes, when I feel like neither sports nor culture, I organize my college friends or colleagues and we go to a wine cellar or just out for a beer.

My Advise

Our Accenture core values include “One global network”. We are truly like one company, only global. Projects in Accenture allow you to travel and meet interesting people, be it on business trips or directly in our Bratislava delivery center. Sometimes I think Accenture is like a genie out of a bottle. Make a wish and it can come true. One just has to know what they want, where they want to work, and a way to achieve it will emerge.

“Best people” is another core value. In my case this means not only the professionals I work with, but also the great people and the best colleagues – often friends. Every day gives me a chance to hand down my experience and learn a lot from others. It is a never-ending cycle that keeps moving us on, making us better, making us feel good about the work done and look forward to the next day at work. A couple of years back, I would never have imagined I would say this about my work :). I trust you will find out more about our core values when you join us.