Andrea Tanzi

Senior Experience Lead for the Operations Studio

Costa Rica

"My career has evolved so well thanks to fearlessness and saying yes to new challenges. I’m always up for a new adventure, and if it turns out to be too much, then I make sure I get help."

How I put change in motion

As a Senior Experience Lead for the Operations Studio, I make sure our clients' experience throughout the opportunity journey is inspiring, clear, informative, and entertaining. I work with Sales, Account, and Delivery Teams to help them design, architect, and execute sales origination, solution co-creation, orals, or site visit sessions that woo our clients. What's fun about my job is I get creative, use storytelling, and coach executives in being more engaging.

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A day in my life

My day is mostly about online meeting-calls that normally start around 7:00 am. I get assigned to a Sales Opportunity that usually lasts between 2 to 6 weeks, and I have meeting-calls to understand the project's scope and objectives, dates, and logistics details. We plan together to align content, activities, and points of view, mostly through more calls. We rehearse, rehearse and rehearse (now 100% online) until presenters, messages, timings, and overall Agenda run like a well-oiled machine.

Finally, it is the day of the event, and I get to orchestrate it. Success is about running the event smoothly and having at least one celebratory word from our client and our internal team. After everything is complete, I put together a report and share the story with the rest of my team to leverage as community lessons.

In the back end, I'm also coordinating with my production team - graphic/interaction designers, tech people, creating games, videos and artifacts to make the event's segments more interactive and dynamic. It's very fast-paced, and solutions have to be balanced between fun and business-like, innovative and practical.

Besides my regular job, I also teach my fellow Accenture people worldwide subjects like Design Thinking, Storytelling, and Experience Design.

One of the things I get to do from time to time is to drive the Inclusion and Diversity agenda; this means I learn and speak about Equality, Pride, People with Disabilities, and Cross-cultural either to the press, the Academy, but mostly to peer groups. I&D is a passion of mine, a topic that I put a lot of time to learn and teach.

Included in my daily routine is setting aside time for education and training, which is critical to keep relevant.

Finally, I take my time to have lunch, breathe, and have mindful moments to do a quick meditation to provide my brain some space for peace.

A day for me starts very early with a more extended meditation before work, walking my dog Ali around the neighborhood, and my regular personal routine. It ends with reading romance novels on my kindle and paying attention to my cats Lucho and Lili. My life is good!

"Success is about running the event smoothly and having at least one celebratory word from our client and our internal team."

My advice

Be both patient and ambitious. Don't be afraid to speak to yourself and others about what you would ideally want, and know that it'll come in due time.

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