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We help freight and logistics companies innovate and grow amidst constant change.

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Three actions for a truly sustainable last mile

Delivering innovation and growth

Spurred by digital disruption and customer demand for a more personalized approach to service delivery, the freight and logistics industry is on the cusp of transformation. The pandemic has only revealed and amplified vulnerabilities that have existed all along.

Today’s challenges like high volatility, surge in ecommerce, high customer expectations, rapid pace of digitization and the need for sustainable solutions offer opportunities to those ready to seize them. Forward-thinking logistics companies can deliver strong innovation and growth to shape the future of the industry. If they focus on the right priorities, now.

Our research shows forward-thinking logistics companies are growing their service portfolios. Those who don’t, risk falling behind.

How we help

We help Freight and Logistics companies to create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights. We do this through four key areas:


Develop a blockchain platform with Freight and Logistics leaders to transform trade and drive efficiency through the sector.

Connected Ports

Raise productivity and efficiency of all port operations by applying new tech and IoT platforms to connect existing hardware and digitize processes.

Connected Container

Enable the connected container, a key building block of the global F&L ecosystem, to provide real-time container tracking.

Warehouse Automation

Utilize rapid advances in warehouse robotics and software to offer opportunities that drive competitive advantage.

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Case studies

Plain sailing for Indonesia Port Corporation with digital port solution.

Nippon Express is using IoT and blockchain to take quality control and distribution of pharmaceuticals to new heights.

End-to-end fleet management capabilities position PT Serasi Autoraya as a technology visionary and mobility services leader in Indonesia.

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What we think

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Due to ongoing pressures from e-commerce and post-pandemic demand, ocean carriers are operating at crisis-driven velocity for the foreseeable future.

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FedEx Office teams up with Accenture and River Logic to optimize its print production and delivery network

As part of the project, FedEx Office team members worked with Accenture and River Logic to create a “digital twin” of the company’s operations system.

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