The travel industry, prior to the pandemic, was leading the way as an inclusive and representative industry hiring high numbers of both women and minorities. However, with millions of people having left the travel industry in 2020 and demand rising today, travel players are scrambling for talent.

Fifty-four percent of the 8.2 million travel and leisure jobs lost in the United States between March and April 2020, belonged to women.1

Inclusive hiring: A priority for travel recovery

It isn’t just a moment to rehire people.
Restoring a balanced workforce is an immediate priority. This means making workforce decisions to support new ways of working as the industry responds to shifts in types of travel, takes advantage of new revenue streams, and automates ways of working.

Travel faces a double challenge—addressing today’s workers needs while re-shaping the workforce of the future.

While there is no one solution, here are some guiding principles which are taking hold across the industry and beyond:

Life happens.

The last two years have taught women that it’s okay to bring their whole selves to work. Women want employers to acknowledge this.

Flexibility is the future.

It’s about empowering women with the autonomy to change their hours to accommodate family needs or make up missed time during off hours.

Skills drive success.

Reskilling and upskilling that equips female workers on property—indeed all workers—with the digital skills they need for the future is essential.

Women want to belong.

As women make choices about getting back to work, they want to have a voice and influence, feel respected, and have sponsorship from a senior leader.

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When women thrive. The business of travel thrives.

Savvy travel leaders understand this. They know that their company’s success depends on its people. All of its people. Companies that make this moment a turning point for crisis recovery and for women in travel will take a step toward creating a more inclusive, diverse and equitable environment. That’s good for people, business and the future of travel.

Sustainable growth in hospitality

As hospitality companies journey back to growth, they need to understand the importance of sustainability for leisure and business travelers.

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