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Active network sharing to boost the 5G rollout

September 22, 2021


In brief

Active network sharing financial and operational benefits

CSP challenges and 5G opportunities

Cost-effective, customer-centric and fast to market


A UK-based CSP unveiled 5G Multi-operator RAN (MORAN) technology in its infrastructure, allowing active sharing of antenna, tower, site and power.

Asia Pacific

A Chinese CSP signed a 5G network cooperation agreement to deploy one of the largest 5G RAN sharing networks in the world.

Latin America

A Brazilian CSP sharing program that reached more than 7,700 4G sites in RAN sharing delivered up to 30% in Capex and Opex savings.

How to set up an active network sharing agreement

1. Evaluate with whom to share

Legacy partnerships do not guarantee a fit for 5G

2. Think big and start small

Evaluate the over-arching objective and strategy of active network sharing agreement

3. Formulate the right partnership structure

Avoid immediate strategic constraints and pitfalls, but also partner for the future

4. Prepare for growing pains

An active network sharing initiative may require several iterations before it is well established

Looking ahead

About the Authors

Hillol Roy

Managing Director – Cloud First Networks, Technology and Innovation Lead


Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting, Brazil

José Marcelo Vilela

Associate Director – Strategy and Consulting, Brazil


Senior Manager – Strategy and Consulting, Brazil


Associate Director – Strategy and Consulting, Brazil

Swati Vyas

Senior Principal – Global Communications & Media Research Lead

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