Accelerating your digital transformation journey with the Accenture Digital Center of Excellence in Shanghai


Staying ahead of digital trends to be the disruptor, not the disrupted

Today, in every region, industry, and company, we see a digitally enabled technology revolution. While many companies tend to think transformation is all about the new, they are often overlooking an important opportunity to uncover hidden value in their core business. Digital innovations have the power to open up an abundance of economic possibilities that were previously blocked or unreachable.

We think about digital transformation as more than just technology, it’s about rethinking business models, operations, and relationships with customers and ecosystems.

Start your journey here with Accenture Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE), which will help you leverage Accenture's global network and resources to transform your business into a thriving digital enterprise.


A journey of digital transformation

Accenture Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) addresses a business's digital quest from two lenses:

  • Go Digital: DCoE aims to help clients outpace consumer expectations, practice hyper-personalization for enhanced customer experiences and define a role in the access economy.

  • Be Digital: DCoE helps clients identify, develop and launch new digital business models, set up a successful corporate venturing business, build a digital workforce and bring cyber security to the next level.


Experience: Hands-on experience of interaction with 40+ live industry demos (always the latest update) to envision the future, such as:

Go Digital:

  • Connected Insurance

    By connecting vehicles to a mobile app, driving behaviors can be captured and analyzed, and scores are given per driver per trip. Drivers can then get a quick insurance quotation based on their driving behaviors. The insurer can manage its clients better and provide personalized services based on real data.
  • Omni-channel interactive experience

    To reinvigorate the night life experience for consumers, we have designed an interactive multi-channel platform including an interactive table and a mobile app.Consumers can order what they want, and play interactive games together, as well as access social media, through which we designed a new business model and loyalty programs to incentivize consumers and channel partners, and set the tone for future growth.

Be Digital:

  • Connected Asset Management

    CAM is set of consulting and management services designed to improve the operational efficiency of physical plant assets. It applies specialized analytics to reduce operating and maintenance costs, while improving uptime and production.

  • High-value Customer Retention

    By developing a comprehensive and holistic approach to customer data management, it calculates the best retention strategy, reduces client turnover, and maximizes added value from the retention plan.

Engage: Through different types of workshops, including Design Thinking Workshops, Exploration Workshops, Themed Workshops, etc., clients can not only leverage unconventional spaces to break with their daily routines and stimulate new thinking, but also engage with industry and technology experts for deep-dive discussions and co-creation, to come up with disruptive as well as user-centric digital strategies and ideas to help accelerate digital transformation.

Incubate: DCoE provides the ideal environment to test ideas, identify areas of improvement and develop digital platforms. Clients can collaborate with our digital team to incubate ideas and develop a proof-of-concept within Accenture's innovation ecosystem.

Deliver: Together with capabilities and assets specifically developed for China market, DCoE is able to deliver insight-driven and technology-based outcomes. Clients can also tap our global delivery network and digital alliance partnerships to deliver solutions at speed, at scale and on demand.

Leadership Team

Yu Yi

Accenture Digital Lead
Greater China

Jeff Huang

Accenture Digital – Digital Delivery Lead
Greater China
Tina Chen

Tina Chen

Accenture Digital Transformation Lead
Greater China