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Accelerating your digital transformation journey with the Accenture Digital Center of Excellence in Shanghai


Keeping up with the ever-changing digital sphere

As digital technologies become more accessible and affordable, consumers expect highly personalized products, services and experiences at speed. Emerging enterprises are disrupting and challenging incumbents. Start your journey here with the Accenture Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE), which will help you leverage Accenture’s global network and resources to transform your business into a thriving digital enterprise.


A Journey of Digital Transformation.

The Accenture Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) address a business’s digital quest from two lenses:

  • Digital consumer: The DCoE aims to help clients outpace consumer expectations, practice hyper-personalization for enhanced customer experiences and define a role in the access economy.

  • Digital enterprise: The DCoE helps clients identify, develop and launch new digital business models, set up a successful corporate venturing business, build a digital workforce and bring cyber security to the next level.


Begin the Digital Transformation with the Accenture Digital Center of Excellence.

At the Digital Center of Excellence, clients can:

1. Experience digital technologies through industry demonstrations.

2. Engage in high-tech workshops.

3. Incubate innovative solutions with rapid development of prototype

4. Deliver quality results at speed, at scale and on demand.

  1. Experience: Explore some of our digital solutions through industry demonstrations that showcase the following technologies:

  2. For the digital consumer:

    • Connected Retail: This enterprise native iPad app integrates Internet of Things (IoT) stack beacons with mobile application software development kits (SDKs) to create a unique clienteling experience for customers in a physical retail store.

    • Virtual Store: The Virtual Store utilizes life-sized screens and screens of appropriate quality and resolution to build 3D store environments to visualize product representations and how products or displays look in their retailers’ stores. Testing can be done with focus groups where participants view and interact with the virtual store. Sophisticated software creates a real-time record of how participants react to product placement, shapes, colors and designs.

    For the digital enterprise:

    • Connected Worker: This tool showcases how industrial-grade, Internet-connected wearable technology can improve manufacturing, operations, and supply chain and maintenance processes. In the demonstration, you’ll see how smart glasses can enhance real-world industry applications using barcode scanning, data retrieval from the cloud, contextual instructions, augmented reality, 3D viewing and voice command.

    • Digital Platform: The digital platform enables an ecosystem-based approach to IoT, allowing the onboarding and common management of devices, analytical models and business workflow. Node-based architecture, and state-of-the-art service exposure and composer enable rapid access to common patterns, rules and business models, while preserving an ecosystem-friendly operating environment.

  3. Engage: Through workshops, clients can leverage unconventional spaces to break daily routines, stimulate new thinking, and connect with subject matter experts. It also helps clients think outside the box and come up with unique digital strategies.

  4. Incubate: The DCoE provides the ideal environment to test ideas, identify areas of improvement and develop digital platforms. Clients can collaborate with our digital team to incubate ideas and develop a proof-of-concept within Accenture’s innovation ecosystem.

  5. Deliver: Together with capabilities and assets specifically developed for China market, the DCoE is able to deliver insight-driven and technology-based outcomes. Clients can also tap our global delivery network and digital alliance partnerships to deliver solutions at speed, at scale and on demand.

Accenture DCoE

Your digital transformation partner.

The Accenture DCoE houses cutting-edge l facilities and industry demonstrations, providing an ideal environment for clients to test real-world solutions and insight-driven strategies. In collaboration with the broader Accenture Digital and Accenture Technology team, clients can further engage with industry experts, Accenture points of view (POVs) and research materials to tap growing markets

Start your transformation journey now and turn your business into a digital enterprise with the Accenture DCoE.

Talk to our key leadership team to learn more how we can help you at the Accenture DCoE:

Leadership Team

Yu Yi

Accenture Digital Lead
Greater China

Jeff Huang

Accenture Digital – Digital Delivery Lead
Greater China

Ivan Chan

Accenture Digital – Transformation Lead
Greater China