PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of PT Astra International (Astra), provides transportation solution services, pre-owned car sales and logistics in Indonesia. It tapped into Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade to become a mobility services company. The company has thousands of fleet assets and aims to lower costs and improve services by employing them more efficiently and effectively. With digital and new mobility models transforming the industry, the visionary company wanted to pivot to new business models and open up additional revenue streams.

Putting end-to-end fleet management on the map

End-to-end fleet management services across all business units would help SERA take advantage of new growth opportunities in the region. A new business model would also help the company go beyond traditional GPS devices for tracking, lower operational costs and understand how to improve maintenance management. SERA drew on Accenture’s strong consulting, systems integration and global automotive experience, as well as Microsoft’s cloud services—Azure IoT Hub, PaaS services and Avanade’s AZURE capabilities—to help execute its bold vision with an integrated fleet management solution.

"Creating an end-to-end fleet management solution was really critical for our business. It’s helping us pull ahead of our competitors and position SERA as an innovative partner in the new mobility services ecosystem."

— YOSAFAT SIREGAR, President Director – PT Serasi Autoraya

Strategy and solution

The blueprint for end-to-end fleet management

Our holistic approach encompasses the end-to-end experience, from bookings to fleet tracking to paying the driver. To get started, we assessed SERA’s business and technology to create the solution blueprints for three key pillars:

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management, a connected fleet management solution, uses Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics to unlock new business models and operational efficiency.

Operations Management

An Operations Management system manages fleet bookings and scheduling, auto-dispatches vehicles to fulfill orders and makes vehicle quality checks.

Driver Management

A new Driver Management system built by SERA manages driver registration, payroll and other driver services.

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Accelerating onboarding

With the launch of its fleet management system, SERA has created added value from onboarded vehicles—and is quickly adding more to their ranks.


In the first 10 months since launch, 2,700 vehicles were onboarded to the platform.


SERA has expanded the number of vehicles to be onboarded to the platform from 6,000 to 21,000 vehicles, a 250% increase.


SERA also awarded Accenture a five-year contract to operate the applications and infrastructure for AstraFMS on a pay-per-vehicle basis, as well as provide enhancements and maintenance.

Powering the fleet with AstraFMS

The AstraFMS connected fleet management solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud and powered by Accenture’s core IoT solution, Accenture Connected Fleet Platform. The fleet management solution offers:

  • Near real-time vehicle and asset tracking
  • Ability to track and manage event data like location, vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior
  • Integration with other enterprise systems to aid vehicle lifecycle management
  • Actionable insights like alerts, notifications, dashboards and reports
  • An open architecture to support integration with four different hardware device vendors—and scale to others as needed


Launching the fleet with unprecedented control

SERA now has powerful new tools to be an integral part of the mobility ecosystem and generate new service-based revenue streams and partnerships. The value-added services are also helping SERA improve customer loyalty and fill a gap for premium end-to-end fleet management services in Indonesia.

With near real-time tracking, new internal monitoring services and millions of IoT data points received daily, SERA would be able to:

  • Make more informed operational decisions.
  • Enhance fleet maintenance management with preventative maintenance to avoid breakdowns.
  • Streamline operations and lower fuel costs with improved vehicle utilization and reduced driver misuse.

The open, scalable architecture enables SERA to create disruptive new solutions and services as the opportunity arises. SERA is well-positioned to extend the solution to its sister companies, as well as seize new opportunities in urban mobility and smart cities.

Optimized cost efficiencies and effectiveness

Enhanced safety and security

Improved vehicle and driver productivity

Increased reliability and improved processes

Monetized data and new fleet products and services

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A river of revenue

The shift from products to services is helping new revenue streams flow for the company. SERA’s new analytics-based insights are helping it develop new partner and customer services. For example, SERA currently uses the solution to track its fleet but can offer similar tracking services to smaller fleet operators. SERA can also lease its vehicles to mining operators who want to improve safety features and regulatory compliance.

Expanding Opportunities

With AstraFMS, Astra and SERA have a powerful new tool to bring to the negotiating table when striking up new partnerships. An Indonesian decacorn startup formed a joint venture with Astra to develop a new four-wheeled ride-hailing service. AstraFMS is helping the venture manage transportation with services like real-time vehicle monitoring. The solution is helping to improve vehicle quality and increase efficiency and security while managing vehicles, drivers and cargos. There are currently 4,000 vehicles targeted to be onboarded to the AstraFMS platform.

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