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Corporate Services & Sustainability

Delivering innovation to the business

Case studies

Elevating real estate portfolio planning

Using data in powerful ways and in real time to manage Accenture’s dynamic real estate portfolio.

Getting more from less

How Accenture cut costs and carbon through energy efficiency.

Finding new value in sustainability

Using technology and human ingenuity to meet environmental goals and drive a powerful, sustainable future.

Modernizing real estate capabilities with SAP

Accenture creates a foundation for modernizing real estate capabilities with SAP® Flexible Real Estate Management.

Supplier inclusion and sustainability

Cultivating a culture of responsible buying on a global scale.

Elevating Accenture’s ESG reporting

Affirming our commitment to transparency and accountability to our ESG goals and progress.

Intelligent procurement

The future of procurement lies in intelligence powered by data and analytics.

Accessibility in every moment

Leading ways we’re delivering accessibility in the workplace.

Coming together in a crisis

How Accenture combined technology and people to manage unprecedented change during COVID-19.

Return to the workplace

How Accenture is getting its people back into offices confidently and safely.

Return to workplace journey with

Using technology to help businesses reopen safely.

Being prepared, ready and resilient

How Accenture is getting its people back into offices confidently and safely.

Closing the procurement loop

New ways procurement can achieve sustainable value.

Building the digital workplace

Accenture recognizes the need to reimagine the workplace to adapt to our new, hybrid working lives.

The smart way to use data

We’re putting data and analytics in the hands of Accenture people for business insights and action.

Modernizing asset management

Accenture creates a single solution to manage hardware, software and office assets with a new asset management capability on the ServiceNow platform.

Powering procurement with prediction + automation

We empowered Accenture’s procurement process with artificial intelligence to drive better accounting and more frictionless processing.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Accenture’s adoption of ITOM services simplifies IT operations management at scale and speed and increases data accuracy on IT infrastructure use.

Driving the accessibility advantage at Accenture

Accenture is driving technology accessibility in the workplace to support our people with disabilities across the globe.

Ready and remote

Hear how Accenture has responded to COVID-19.

Accenture True Supplier Marketplace delivers

A blockchain solution driving disruptive transformation in the increasingly complex environment of supplier procurement.

Elevating enterprise master data management

Governance, process rigor, automation and optimization are keys to Accenture enabling high-quality data for operating with confidence.

Journey to intelligent procurement with SAP Ariba

Accenture adopts SAP® Ariba® to evolve procurement from compliance to frictionless buying to embedding intelligence and driving value for the business.

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Meet our lead

We care about safety, security, collaboration and continuity. By supporting Accenture people with innovative services and strategic insights we strive to make their everyday easier… and be on our best day for our clients.

Margaret Smith
Senior Managing Director and Executive Director – Corporate Services & Sustainability and Business Operations

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