Call for change

Digital is redefining the way Accenture works every day. This includes transforming the role of the traditional office into digital workplaces. Accenture’s global IT and global workplace organizations are collaborating to drive the transformation of workplaces for Accenture’s network of offices and delivery centers around the world.

When tech meets human ingenuity

How will Accenture’s digital workplaces empower Accenture people in new ways and even change the way they work? How will Accenture spaces support teams in delivering innovative services?

Accenture’s global IT and workplace teams address these questions and others as they evolve the vision and strategy for the design of the next generation of Accenture’s work spaces. The team collaborates with Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, which brings skills in applying user experience and design thinking. They also collaborate with Accenture Labs on immersive experiences using VR. Together, the teams are shaping a new workplace experience with technology woven into the fabric of the space design.

Vision and strategy
The vision for the Accenture digital workplace is to create truly human and truly digital workplaces. Truly human fosters an environment that helps Accenture people be their best selves, professional and personally. Truly digital anticipates and provides a unified employee experience across workplace services. This vision requires creating a more ubiquitous landscape of technology and service offerings, so people who use the space have a consistent experience regardless of location. Spaces need to be efficient and flexible to support different ways of working. Operations need to become more intelligent, helping the workplace team forecast future space needs. Above all else, Accenture workplaces also need to continue to be safe and secure in a non-invasive way.

When designing the digital workplace, Accenture’s strategy is to lead with the technology that helps achieve the intended employee experience. The team uses design thinking as a clear differentiator to shape the work spaces and equips them with technology that enables productivity, collaboration, and standardization.

The team leverages Accenture’s significant investments in social, mobile, pervasive video, broadcasting, and secure network together with leading immersive and collaborative technology solutions. Many of the technology selections are based on the insights, experience, and results gained in working with teams around the world in developing Accenture’s diverse types of spaces, including Innovation Hubs, Liquid Studios, and Digital Studios/Hubs. One such space is The Dock in Dublin, a multidisciplinary research and incubation hub. Other spaces include Accenture Innovation Hubs in Atlanta and San Francisco.

The technology offerings are broad ranging—spanning video and broadcast, application services, IoT sensors, high-end audio and video collaborative devices, connected devices and applications, and scalable and secure network. Other examples include Accenture’s deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms to easily connect people working in offices with those working virtually; Microsoft Surface Hubs for touch-enabled team collaboration; Aruba beacons for navigating within an office; sensors for gathering real-time data about a building’s energy use; video walls that provide touch-enabled collaboration; and immersive rooms with high-resolution, 360-degree video content and high-definition audio.

Accenture’s primary employee experience application is called Places. Employees can now use the app on their mobile devices as a digital badge to enter the office, reserve meeting rooms, and submit service requests. Places also provides turn-by-turn directions within Accenture spaces, allowing employees to find colleagues in offices, if colleagues have opted into the service.

Intelligent operations
Workplace operations are becoming more intelligent with the use of dashboards.

Accenture developed a Technical Device Utilization reporting dashboard that provides at-a-glance status of Accenture’s video technology solutions globally—displaying utilization trends by geography and location, with the ability to drill down to device-level use. It offers essential analytics to determine the most effective placement and re-investment of technology.

A second dashboard, Space Utilization, gives the status of Accenture’s use of seats and meeting room space and real estate globally. The metrics are key to gaining a technology-based, comprehensive assessment of utilization for all Accenture locations, allowing leadership to make real estate decisions that will maximize return on investment.

A valuable difference

These digital workplaces are an important aspect of creating a truly human, digital-first enterprise for Accenture. Accenture workplaces are helping people connect and innovate in new ways to be their best selves and to serve clients better. Increasingly, Accenture is using these work spaces to ideate, rapidly prototype, and co-create products and services with clients to bring solutions to the market faster.

They also help in attracting new and retaining existing talent through desirable locations with a range of amenities to serve a diverse population. The space designs also are incorporating truly human elements, that is, spaces that are more than just a place to work, but that are also inviting, flexible, easy to collaborate in, and functional and connected, as well as that foster creativity, support community, and include places for events, demos, and coffee breakouts.

"Digital workplaces not only provide more capabilities for getting work done, but also enable a level of innovation previously not possible by knitting the physical with the virtual to amplify the innovation experience."

— Jason Warnke, Managing Director – Digital Enterprise Services, Accenture

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