Reimagining the future of entertainment

Accenture joins forces with The Walt Disney Studios as the first Innovation Partner of StudioLAB.

Advancing the art of storytelling

When it comes to creating customer experiences that surprise and delight, Disney is in a class of its own. Imagination fuels the development of the new stories and worlds created by The Walt Disney Studios. But bringing these entertainment experiences to life also requires the spark of technology.

Accenture is a key Innovation Partner of The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB, an initiative dedicated to reimagining, designing and prototyping the entertainment experiences and production capabilities of the future using innovative technologies.

Collaborating to co-innovate

Located on The Walt Disney Studios lot just steps away from Walt Disney’s original office, the 3,500 square-foot StudioLAB facility explores cutting edge technologies such as immersive entertainment, artificial intelligence and IoT to deliver the next generation of entertainment experiences.

Our collaboration on StudioLAB builds on Accenture’s 25-year history working with The Walt Disney Company, supporting some of its most innovative initiatives.

"Our vision for StudioLAB was to create a place where our amazing filmmakers and creative executives can engage in hands-on experimentation and exploration of next-generation technologies to push the art of storytelling forward in fresh, exciting ways,"

— JAMIE VORIS, CTO – The Walt Disney Studios

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