Flex to outmaneuver uncertainty

Realize the full value of digital banking, lowering costs and taking customer experience to the next level with intelligent banking operations​.

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The impact of change

We help you transform your banking operations from reactive to proactive by moving to a digitally enabled operating model that helps you to:

Ensure business sustainability

  • Standardized, agile, global banking operations that free valuable resources to focus on more value-added activities
  • Cut operating costs by up to 40%
  • Decrease time to approve mortgages by up to 80%
  • Cut time to open accounts by up to 70%
  • Improve customer acquisition by up to 40%

Deliver resilient and high-quality services

  • Achieve 99.5%+ loan compliance in retail lending
  • Mitigate operational and boundaries risk
  • Increase compliance quality standards

Accelerate ingenuity

  • Scale vision by combining intelligent technologies and banking talent with next-generation skills
  • Improve decision-making by using the right resource at the right time
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction by moving to a fully streamlined, digital operating model

Optimize workforce

  • Focus on developing employees to support new ways of working and innovative thinking

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Future-ready banking operations

From profitability pressures and new customer demands to a constantly shifting regulatory and competitive environment, volatility is the norm in banking. Especially now. While banks know that they need a digital operating model to compete, doing this successfully is often challenging.

​To move past the challenges and realize the full value of digital banking, banks need Intelligent Banking Operations. It’s how they can flex fast to respond to volatility and lay the foundation for a more sustainable, resilient business. Using SynOps, a unique human + machine platform that combines data, technology and talent, we help you transform your operating model to stay a step ahead of change and deliver sustainable growth.

The future waits for no one. With an intelligent operating model, you can be ready to outmaneuver uncertainty by reinventing cost structures, elevating the customer experience and accelerating the pace of innovation.


Intelligent banking operations

Banking operations services that power change

We help you transform your retail and commercial banking services using SynOps, our collaborative human-machine operating engine that leverages an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts.

Credit Services

We improve the customer experience and reduce the time to approve credit costs across:
  • Origination
  • Post sales
  • Collaterals
  • Unlikely to Pay / Non-Performing Loans

Payments Services

We cut operating costs, mitigate risk of fraud and provide better customer experience across:
  • Domestic and foreign payments
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Other payments (checks, direct debit, etc.)
  • Collections

Core Banking Services

We improve time to onboard and invigorate the customer experience—ensuring data accuracy and compliance in the following areas:
  • Master data
  • Bank account management
  • Successions and garnishments
  • Cash and ATM management

Compliance Services

We help achieve compliance and manage risk by addressing legacy issues, keeping pace with and navigating regulatory and operational pressures. Focusing on:
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • LIBOR transition management
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

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The value multiplier

Discover how organizations can double their chances of future-ready operations in the next 3 years.

Fast-track to future-ready banking operations​

How banks can accelerate their journey to digital to survive the threats that tomorrow poses.​

Fast-track to future-ready​

Applying tech-driven operational intelligence across an organization leads to greater profitability and efficiency.

Banking Consumer Study: Making digital more human

Accenture details how banks can stand out and build a trusted digital banking customer experience touch.

Case studies

This Australian bank managed capacity constraints, workflow challenges to better serve customers​

Automated invoicing and responsive customer service helped one bank cut costs by 50%.​

The new operating model enhances the agility and responsiveness and grow business value.​

A North American lender moves to a data-driven, operating model to better serve its customers.

A North American bank transformed its lending practices to better service and retain customers—savings $20M.

A global bank reinvented its auto loans process – boosting car loan sales by 50% and cutting total costs.​

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Seize the opportunity in 2022

Banks can increase the bottom line, free up their people to do more interesting work.

Move to the next level of operational maturity

Banks must embrace AI and find the right mix of talent and technology to be future-ready.

Tightly integrate compliance and growth

Navigate tightening regulations using new technologies and collaborating with third parties

Recognizing the power of change

Top industry analysts believe Accenture’s innovation-led approach will help banks reimagine the role of banking operations.

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