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Accenture + Adobe: Unleashing creativity at scale

Accenture and Adobe’s deep, 20-plus year partnership is seated in our joint commitment to create unrivalled experiences. Accenture is recognized as Adobe’s most decorated partner with global specializations in Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Experience Manager Run and Operate, and Adobe Workfront. ​

Bringing our cross-industry and cross-functional knowledge, we work with Adobe through a unique combination of services and solutions that empower the entire marketing journey. Together, we unleash the powers of emotion, empathy, and excitement at an enterprise scale to create unrivalled experiences and accelerate the path to value for clients.

Accenture is the only Adobe partner to hold six unique global specializations: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager Run & Operate, Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Workfront.

Accenture at Adobe Summit 2022

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Adobe 2022 Global DX Solution Partner of the Year

An experience renaissance to reignite growth

Right now, an experience renaissance is afoot—one that is galvanizing companies to push beyond the CX philosophy and organize the whole business around the delivery of exceptional experiences.

These experiences must respond to customers’ new, often unmet and frequently changing needs and enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.

This is the Business of Experience, a category of leadership that savvy CEOs and their leadership teams will embrace as we move deeper into the coming decade.


The Business of Experience. Start by putting humans at the center

Elevating experiences with Accenture + Adobe​

Learn how Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) provides an open, flexible and powerful solution to delivering enterprise-grade, scalable personalized experiences.


Adobe solutions & offerings

Adobe and Accenture empower clients to own the experience from lead generation, to customer engagement, retention and loyalty. We help you unleash the power of your data to create unique experiences with a single view of the customer.


Integrated marketing for healthcare payers and providers, built on the Adobe Experience Cloud.


Follow Daniella’s journey to better insurance coverage, powered by Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and more.

Retail Banking

Jon, an avid traveler, is in search of a new rewards card. Follow his path to customer satisfaction, powered by Adobe, designed and built by Accenture.

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What we think

Today 82% of all digital ads use cookies. The figure from 2023? Zero. Here’s how Accenture and Adobe think you can turn this to your advantage.

Gain a single view of your customer across all brand touchpoints to reimagine their retail experience.

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Our blogs

Latest blogs on Adobe.

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With so much digital “noise” out in the marketplace, companies must make the most of every opportunity they have to connect with customers.

Accenture Productions takes video to a new level

Discover how teams across Accenture rely on Adobe Creative Cloud apps for creative projects.

Every brand’s priority? Becoming a business of CX

Building a customer-obsessed business is becoming every brand's priority. Learn about the benefits and the role AI plays.

Why brands must build direct customer relationships

The world of business is changing. Are you ready for it? Read why building direct customer relationships is critical for brands to manage disruption.

Balancing personalization and privacy

Fat on cookies? Why going cookieless is the start of a great new era.​

Experiences are fleeting. Make connections.

Achieving true customer connections takes powerful technology that’s informed by an even more powerful understanding of humanity.

Meet the flexible future of work

Do we even need offices? Here’s some thoughts on where the future of work is heading.

I'm tired of screens and I bet you are too

It's time to break out of the sea of sameness. Read our thoughts on what you can do to break the cycle of screen fatigue.

Personalized customer experience - at scale

With so much digital noise, companies must make the most of every opportunity to connect with customers. Here’s how.

Case studies

NatWest is creating exceptional, digital-first customer journeys.

Adobe’s cloud-based solutions are transforming customer engagement and experiences. 

Multinational automotive manufacturer teams with Accenture to replatform its website using Adobe Experience Manager.

A first-class ticket to tomorrow.

Learn how we embarked on a radical reimagination of illycafè’s digital customer experience.

Transforming the passenger experience before, during and after travel.

Thai retailer uses data to create unique experiences for shoppers.

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Awards & Recognition


Adobe 2022 Global DX Solution Partner of the Year



Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year (Americas)



Adobe Workfront Global System Integrator Partner of the Year (International, Americas)



2020 Global Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year



2020 Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year, EMEA



2018 Global Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year


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Adobe Careers

Innovate and grow with our team of 3,500+ Adobe-skilled professionals. Join us to unleash the powers of emotion, empathy and excitement to create the best experiences on the planet for our clients and their customers.

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Opportunities are endless when combining two powerhouses Accenture and Adobe

Unleash purposeful connections

Opportunities are endless when combining two powerhouses Accenture and Adobe.

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