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All in for transforming Canadian healthcare

February 4, 2022

In brief

A relentless pursuit to transform healthcare

Canadians are generally satisfied with the healthcare system, but opportunities exist to improve access and navigation

1 OUT OF 4

Canadians still find it difficult to navigate the healthcare system

Canadians are not willing to pay for traditional healthcare, but involvement of new players is accepted if it means improved services


of Canadians are comfortable or neutral with the private sector playing a bigger role in Canada’s healthcare system


of Canadians wouldn’t pay for healthcare services typically provided by the government, they consider those should be free

COVID-19 shifted the levels of trust and highlighted important new ways of delivering care

1 in 4

respondents have less trust in their government to manage their long-term wellbeing since the onset of COVID-19


of respondents are most comfortable receiving care from a pharmacy

The pandemic has forced new ways of delivering care and Canadians would like some of these new services to remain

Top 3 Services of Canadians

We identified four guiding principles to build efficient and personalized care experiences

Focus on greater care personalization

Canadians are willing to share their data, but only in return for real value such as personalized care and services.

  • 75% of respondents would share their personal health information, especially if it results in better care for them—such as targeted advice on medication and treatment based on their personal genetics

Increase patient-provider engagement

Current engagement between patients and providers are mainly re-active.

  • Only 15% of the respondents’ care providers adopt a more proactive approach and are invested in the respondents’ health (either taking interest beyond immediate needs or helping to plan and manage health)

Refine investment in digital health tools

Respondents don’t trust all digital tools equally. There is more trust in administrative (non-diagnosis) tools, compared to technology tools doing the diagnosis.

  • 83% of Canadians trust appointment scheduling and reminders from healthcare apps

Reduce access hurdles

In-person health visits are still favoured by patients, but Canadians are getting more comfortable with receiving care virtually.

  • 78% of respondents who experienced virtual care or telehealth felt comfortable or neutral about their experience

"There are collaboration opportunities to get more value from our investments. We all aim for one integrated health system across the country, and for better outcomes at a lower total cost."

Senior Vice President, Operations, Seniors & Homecare Sector

Improve system access across the patient journey

Leverage commercial sector’s expertise through partnerships and focus on providers’ administrative burden, access and navigation.

Increase trust in all health entities

Leverage nontraditional but highly trusted health entities as well as public-private partnerships to reduce the pressure on front line providers.

Design an efficient & personalized experience

Focus improvements on personalization, patient-provider engagement, investment in digital health tools, and system frictions.

About this research


Jimmy Yang

Managing Director – Canada Health Industry Lead

Jimmy is a leading health strategist who brings deep digital, operations, and innovation experience to help leaders power their transformation agendas.

Jane Kerr

Managing Director – Client Group Lead, Provinces and Health

Jane has extensive experience leading complex business transformations that help clients unleash the power of digital and accelerate profitable growth.



Researcher – Canadian Health and Public Services

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A relentless pursuit to transform healthcare

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A relentless pursuit to transform healthcare

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All in for transforming Canadian healthcare