Health consulting

Improving access, experience and outcomes with tech + human ingenuity.

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Humanizing Healthcare

We help our clients meet the essential expectations that every person has of the healthcare system: access, experience and outcomes.

People need access to convenient, equitable and affordable care no matter where they live. In this era of personalized and convenient service in industries such as banking or retail, people expect a similar experience from healthcare. This is why 92% of health executives rank delivering a highly personalized experience as a top strategic priority1. Improving health access and experience contributes directly to better care, which will ultimately yield more positive outcomes.

We help our clients address these critical imperatives through intelligent, cloud-based solutions that increase resource capacity, improve workforce productivity, connect data for personalized services across channels, and improve the quality of care and therapeutics.

Together with the world's leading healthcare entities, we are putting humans at the true center of care to improve healthcare experiences for all.

1"Untapping the Potential for Virtual Care in a Pandemic and Beyond", February 25, 2021

Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2022

We are on the threshold of a new decade of digital transformation, and at a defining moment for all leaders. Welcome to the “Metaverse Continuum”—a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models poised to revolutionize life and enterprise in the next decade—and the impact on healthcare begins today.

This year’s Digital Health Technology Vision report is titled: “Meet Me in the Metaverse - How the continuum of technology and experience is reshaping healthcare.” It explores four key trends that reveal how new technology innovations are reshaping healthcare experiences of the future. Every healthcare leader will need to ask: What will be my organization’s role in this new continuum? What is my vision for succeeding in these future worlds while delivering equitable, accessible care to all?

Hear Accenture’s Global Health Lead Rich Birhanzel share insights on how these trends will reshape healthcare at Reboot’s 22nd Annual Healthcare Summit in Vancouver, BC.

What we do

We combine our strong national experience with our leading global best practices to work alongside our valued health care clients in the complex transformations that they face in this fast changing world. Health care modernization and convergence is happening and we are ready for it.

Digital transformation

Readying and preparing health care systems and organizations for a connected, synergistic virtual and digital health ecosystem.

Big data and applied intelligence

Driving to personalized health and medicine through the thoughtful build and application of a leading big data program.

Strategy and design

Developing a sustainable path forward in how care and services can best be delivered and experienced.


Reimagining the back-office by breaking from its traditional function to deliver strategic value and insights for public sector organizations.


Driving business impact and innovation with our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions, enabling health care organizations to produce greater outcomes at scale.

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What we think

Our leaders

Case studies

Ontario’s Electronic Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (eCTAS) solution ensures human-centered emergency triage.

Accenture partnered with Beyond Blue to propose a national solution for digital mental health solutions in Australia during COVID-19.

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Corporate initiatives

At Accenture, our goal is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels like they belong.

Find out how we are using technology and building skills to make a positive impact.

At Accenture, we put inclusion and diversity at the heart of what we do.

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Transform healthcare

Partner with clients to use the power of technology and human ingenuity to help improve access, experience and outcomes in healthcare.

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