Chemical industry insights from 2021

A collection of our best research, points of view, blogs and case studies published over the last year

"I’m pleased to share these publications from our thought leaders. Explore the insights aimed at helping you succeed in a net-zero future and deliver more value to your customers, employees, communities and business stakeholders."

— DR. BERND ELSER, Global Chemicals Lead – Accenture

The path to a sustainable future

Embedding sustainability across the enterprise from product innovation to internal operations

Is it time to welcome a Chief Carbon Officer?

Explore how a Chief Carbon Officer could oversee your decarbonization efforts. Read more.

How to steer chemical companies to lucrative EVs

Adapt your business models and product portfolios to capitalize on the shift to electric vehicles. Read more.

Vertical farming is good for business & the planet

Learn why vertical indoor farming can be a sustainable solution to the global food crisis. Read more.

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A focus on customer experience

Understanding the actions required to truly become a more customer-centric organization

Putting customer needs first in the supply chain

Prioritize supply chain fundamentals to put customer needs first. Read more.

Bringing customer service closer to the customer

Improve the customer service function to better meet customer needs. Read more.

Getting sales in line with customer values

Rethink your B2B sales function so it remains relevant to customers. Read more.

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An industry undergoing transformation

Investing in a digital, circular future to improve productivity, foster innovation and drive growth

Growth and innovation in the chemical industry

Identify challenges and opportunities across six levers of growth and innovation. Read more.

Six building blocks for digital R&D in chemicals

Use six technology building blocks to support and connect the entire R&D process. Read more.

Sweet spots for excellence in asset operations

Drive excellence in asset operations using technology to further increase productivity. Read more.

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A word from our clients

Leveraging technology and human ingenuity to help chemical companies from around the world improve operations

DSM brings consumer-grade experience to B2B

See how DSM created a new digital portal to increase service quality and agility for customers. Read more.

AkzoNobel fuels an ERP-driven transformation

Learn about AkzoNobel’s new ERP system landscape that increases efficiency and value to customers. Read more.

Mapei migrates a century of HR into the cloud

Explore Mapei’s move to a new human capital management platform that supports its future HR vision. Read more.

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