Accelerating equality

Using powerful analytics to unlock insights, we can help your organization with advancing inclusion and diversity.

By leveraging the diversity of our teams and including everyone, we bring out the best in our people and deliver stronger, more innovative results.

Jeffrey Russell

Senior Managing Director and President of Accenture in Canada

Our workforce demographics in Canada

As part of our unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity, each year we publish the demographics of our Canada workforce by gender, visible minorities, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, military and LGBTQ.

We acknowledge each person’s uniqueness, skills and contribution and embrace diversity to help drive our innovation, growth and performance.

Zahra Jadavji

Managing Director – Inclusion & Diversity, Canada

Conduct Counts

Our vision is simple: a workplace free of harassment and violence of any kind–where people love coming to work. We believe that our employees are equally deserving of respect, dignity and the opportunity to succeed. These aren’t just words to us—they guide how we work together.

Conduct Counts is all about translating our core values into action, bringing them to life in what we do every day. We use Speak Up buttons to encourage our people to speak up when they witness or hear of misconduct in the workplace without fear of retaliation. Wearing the button shows support for an inclusive, respectful and harassment-free workplace.

Conduct Counts
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