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Disability inclusion

We’re creating an accessible, inclusive environment where all our people can belong and thrive.

One billion reasons

Worldwide there are over one billion people who experience some form of disability and 75% of these disabilities are invisible. At Accenture, we know the value each person can bring if they are given the opportunity. This is why we're creating an accessible, inclusive workplace where every person knows they belong.

We celebrate the incredible impact people can make when they are empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

1 billion reasons for disability inclusion

Inclusion creates safety, accessibility, belonging


Accenture goes purple

Accenture’s Purple Light Up celebrates IDPWD

What I have learned is don’t be afraid to ask someone how they are, what they need and how you can help.

Jill Kramer

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

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Change Conversations

Jimmy Etheredge talks about Invisible Disabilities

Our people's perspectives

Discover our people's stories and insights and explore how we are creating a more accessible workplace.

How can advanced tech improve accessibility for disability inclusion?

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Autism at Accenture: “I can be myself now.”

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The metaverse, sustainability and NFTs: How we’re driving inclusive change

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Seeing really is believing when you’re deaf

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Accessibility is a key factor in advancing disability inclusion and I’m excited to use technology and AI to help accelerate our journey together.

Sanjeev Vohra

Lead – Accenture Applied Intelligence

A barrier-free workplace

Learn how we are driving technology accessibility in the workplace to support our people with disabilities across the globe.


Breaking down barriers

Explore the business case for disability inclusion.

Enabling change

Include employees with disabilities; unlock growth

Our new global research finds companies that fully include employees with disabilities grow faster than their peers. Read more.

AI for disability inclusion Enabling change with advanced technology

AI - enabling change with advanced technology

Discover how AI can unlock the incredible potential of talent with disabilities, while helping all workers thrive. Read more.

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Awards & recognition

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Our journey

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