Corporate Citizenship Canada

We use our understanding of technology and its impact to help create more-inclusive societies that offer more opportunities to more people.

Powered by our people

Our people bring to life our vision to improve the way the world works and lives.

Deborah Swartz

Canada Corporate Citizenship Lead

Living our core values

Our core values, including our commitment to doing business ethically, legally and with integrity, are the foundation of our company’s culture.

Responsibility to advance corporate citizenship at Accenture starts at the top, with our Board, our Executive Chairman and our CEO, and cascades through our business, including use of performance objectives relating to corporate citizenship.

Innovating for social impact

As a global leader, we have a responsibility to leverage technology for good, and also to understand, anticipate and manage the consequences of the technologies we bring to our clients, our people and our communities.

We are continually innovating to find new ways to put individuals at the center of what we do and are using our expertise to build a more-inclusive future in which everyone can thrive.

Social Innovators

As part of our Social Innovator initiative, Accenture is working to define and drive adoption of new standards for responsible innovation. Our people are leveraging the latest technological advances to transform the way the world works and lives—and making the world a better place along the way.


Our footprint in the community

40,000+ people across Canada last year

equipped with skills to get a job or build a business

10,000 of those who secured jobs

credited Accenture Canada for their skilling; several accepted Accenture job offers

46,000+ virtual training courses

completed by 4200 users of the Learning Exchange Digital platform - an average of 10+ courses per year!

Nearly 400 charities

across Canada supported through year-round employee giving and team fundraisers

240% increase in employee giving campaign donations

and participation from leadership since 2015

+$1M annually

in pro bono services and cash grants, giving over 150 grants since 2017

17 probono projects

and idea-refining workshops delivered at no charge to qualified registered charities

>11,000 hours

dedicated to pro bono consulting services

76% increase in volunteer hours

individual volunteers

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Learning Exchange Canada

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Focusing on the environment

As climate change increasingly affects living and working conditions around the world, this is the time to act. We are committed to playing a leading role in the transition to a low-carbon economy through our actions.

Going 100% renewable by 2023

In 2019, we committed to procuring 100% renewable energy across our global facilities by 2023. So far, we are at 26%.

Working toward our science-based target

Our target aims to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 11% against our 2016 baseline by 2025. To date, we have cut absolute emissions by 7%.

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Developing a responsible supply chain

Accenture has the purchasing power and multi-billion-dollar supply chain to drive positive change on a global scale. Our ambition is to create more-sustainable supply chains through a mindset of responsible buying both inside and outside our company, while generating long-term value for our clients, suppliers and communities.

To go beyond transactional procurement, we have developed Procurement Plus, which is our overarching philosophy about working with our suppliers and wider ecosystem to advance key priorities, including environmental sustainability, human rights, inclusion, diversity and social innovation.


Virtual ways of working for NGO’s

Traditional places of work are evolving as we speak. Virtual work practices are a powerful tool to protect employees and stay supportive to beneficiaries. Connecting safely with partners, volunteers and donors is more vital than ever.


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