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Canada Innovation Hub

Unapologetically disruptive


Fjord design studio

We use human-centered design to reimagine and redefine people's relationships with the digital and physical worlds.

Applied Intelligence studio

We help clients turn an AI vision into reality. When it comes to making the right investments for transformation, the right strategy and roadmap is key.

Blockchain studio

Blockchain is changing the future of business models, we help cut through noise and harness the power of blockchain through real-world applications.

Prototyping (Liquid) studio

We specialize in prototyping: helping businesses move rapidly from idea to action, turning concepts into prototypes using emerging technology.

Accenture Ventures

Ventures is a channel to bring the latest innovation from the start-up world to our clients, we help clients pivot with the agility of a start-up.

Innovation ecosystem

We have strong partnerships with large technology companies, academia, and groups like Vector Institute and the Blockchain Research Institute.

What we think

Technology Vision 2023: When atoms meet bits 

The foundations of our new reality will be built by fusing the physical and digital worlds.

Accenture Life Trends 2023

Creative AI, web3, permacrisis and human adaptability. Explore the evolving power dynamic between people and organizations.

Total Enterprise Reinvention

The strategy that leads to a new performance frontier.

Our leaders

Iliana Oris Valiente

Managing Director – Innovation Hub Lead

Piyush Bhatnagar

Office Managing Director and Financial Services

Meredith McLean

Client Innovation Services Lead

Howard Goldkrand

Innovation Director

Sally Atalla

Complex Portfolio and Offerings Lead

Where to find us