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Virtual experiences

B2SMB Institute Panel Replay

Virtual experience applications to support SMBs

The next generation of hybrid experiences

More innovative

Understand the precise requirements of each individual and serve up relevant experiences with powerful, predictive analytics.

More accessible

Empower clients to share content with anyone who has an internet connection. It’s a whole new way to democratize business.

More sustainable

Improve corporate citizenship by minimizing carbon footprint, reducing the need for travel and material waste.

Driving widespread virtual-first transformation

Conferences and events

Reimagine conferences and events with immersive, virtual networking and post-event content that engages clients, partners, sales and more.

Employee and talent engagement

Design unforgettable new employee orientations, internal events, all-hands meetings, team-building exercises and more.

Investor relations and boardroom meetings

Capture the full attention of investors and executives with professional broadcasts, boardroom meetings, town halls and other corporate events.

1st and 3rd-party training and certification

Expand training and certification programs with immersive learning environments, applied courses and quizzes, and video-on-demand consumption.

Executive briefing centers

Create immersive, collaborative virtual meetings for prospects, customers and partners to engage with executive leaders and subject matter experts.

Corporate broadcast channel

Transform corporate websites into 24/7 live broadcasts featuring personalized on-demand content.

Metaverse activation

Converge physical and virtual worlds from holograms in physical spaces and digital identities in gaming, to digital meetings in VR workspaces.

Product and brand launches

Engage customers and prospects with virtual products and brand launches using 3D XR environments, creating digital twins and immersive experiences.

Immersive virtual shopping

Delight customers with virtual and live shopping experiences for enhanced and sustained customer engagement.

Virtual Experience Architecture

Experience design

We help clients define a strategy that will resonate with their audience by conducting workshops, developing journey maps and designing blueprints.

Platforms & applied intelligence

We select platforms based on the client's objectives and harness powerful, predictive analytics to serve relevant content to each audience member.

Creative & content architecture

We bring experiences to life by creating compelling content with award-winning designs that engage the audience and elicit emotion.

Commerce & monetization

We help clients explore new monetization models with purchasing overlays, content personalization, segmentation and targeting.

Personalized marketing

We craft targeted campaigns with personalized channel execution to deliver valuable experiences to a rapidly expanding virtual audience.

Broadcast & productions

We use our cloud-powered production model with global studios, virtual control centers and TV-broadcast expertise to stream content at scale.

Performance optimization

We analyze engagement and post-experience consumption to evaluate performance and iterate on future innovations for virtual experiences.

Why Accenture?


global creative and content studios


patented XR innovations


XR practitioners with a wide range of specialized skills


virtual events per month


years planning and executing large virtual events with 100K+ attendees


XR industry awards

Awards and recognition

Our leaders

Nikki Mendonça

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Software & Platforms, Global

Katie Dominguez

Director – Solution Owner, Accenture Song, Global

Carlos Horn

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Growth Markets

Dan Guenther

Managing Director – Go To Market and Thought Leadership Lead

Brian Vabulas

Director – Global IT, Digital Experience

Louise Barrere

Managing Director and Generative AI Acceleration Hub Lead

Michael Mischel

Managing Director – Commerce, Experience Arch, Product, and Personalization
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